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Turning the page — This is the final set of photos from the final auditions, as the NBA Finals continue

Bruin Kevin Love is playing well for the Cleveland Cavaliers; Bruin Matt Barnes is barely playing for the Golden State Warriors, but none of that matters, as the Warriors, with this year’s addition of Kevin Durant, seem unbeatable, taking a 2-0 series lead with consecutive blowouts.  Golden State is undefeated in the ENTIRE 2017 Playoffs, heading to Cleveland for Game 3.  Maybe the Cavs can turn it around at home, but they will have to start playing Defense if they are to even have a chance.

The Warriors beat the Cavs for the Title in 2015, but the Cavs came back from an 0-2 hole last year to win the 2016 Title against the Warriors.  But now with Durant leading the W’s, it looks like down, up, down for Kevin Love in an Elevator.

This year’s Playoffs are becoming known as the year of the blowouts, which is bad for viewers.  No casual fan gets a ton of enjoyment from watching a game that is already decided by the 3rd quarter.  At least if this goes fast, the focus can turn to the Draft, and whether Bruin Lonzo Ball gets to turn the Lakers around like he turned UCLA around.  I hope the Lakers dump ex-trojan Nick Young, then select and keep Lonzo, so I can go back to being a Laker fan again.

Either way, I will remain a die-hard fan of the UCLA Spirit Squad, and here is the last batch of photos from this year’s Try-outs.

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