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T.J. = To Jail? — Former trojan Defensive Back T.J. McDonald, who was arrested in May for crashing into a parked car, was formally charged yesterday, for driving under the influence of drugs, and faces up to 6 months of incarceration

McDonald, Clown College… If you’re wondering why I didn’t incorporate that “name irony” into this headline, it’s because I already did, back in May when T.J. McDonald was initially arrested.  But today, the Los Angeles Ram D-Back (dbag?) is back in the news, because he was unable to weasel out of charges for his intoxicated driving accident.

The NFL Machine couldn’t keep this incident under wraps, as it is now National news.  But despite the pending legal action, the NFL has not taken any disciplinary action against McDonald, and neither have the Rams, or the Rams’ ex-trojan Head Coach Jeff Fisher, so expect to see T.J. on the field as the Rams get their asses kicked by Pete Carrol’s Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

So just in the last few months, the u$c Blotter of Stupidity includes TEN entries:  the (alleged) Rapists (Osa Masina and Don Hill), the (no “alleged” about it) crotch-stomper Jabari Ruffin, the Referee-Abuser Chuma Edoga, Drug-Addicted Naked Trespasser Todd Marinovich, Substance-Abuser Taylor Mays, Intoxicated Arrest-Resister Isaiah Langley, Sexual Harasser Nick Young, Banned Substance User O.J. Mayo, and Accused Sexual Abuser Nelson Agholor (the only one who evaded punishment).  That’s quite a list!  I know UCLA has had two people get in trouble recently, but that pales in comparison to the exploits of Mighty Troy.  Still, TWO is unacceptable, and the one who is still employed by UCLA should be fired ASAP, IMO.  Still, better 2 than TEN.  I doubt any other school comes close — not even Baylor!

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