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WALK THIS WAY… right to jail — Ex-trojan Linebacker Jabari Ruffin, already infamous for STOMPING on an Alabama player’s crotch, is now incarcerated for FELONY ASSAULT with a DEADLY WEAPON, after “allegedly” attacking one WOMAN with a metal broom handle and threatening ANOTHER WOMAN with a SHOTGUN in a separate incident

Train keeps a rollin’ —  It’s the Same Old Song and Dance for usc, as yet another former trojan Football player gets arrested for a Felony.  Jabari’s Got a Gun.  A shotgun, to be specific, and allegedly, he recently used it to threaten a woman in Downey this past April.  And that was the SECOND woman whom Ruffin allegedly assaulted this Spring.  In March, he went after a different girl, with a metal broomstick.

It should come as no surprise that Jabari has wound up in jail.  In 2016, he showed his criminal true colors, when he violently and sadistically cleat-stomped the groin of a Crimson Tide player. It takes a real special kind of SCumbag to do something like this, totally unprovoked.  Of course, when usc saw the tape, all they did was suspend him for the first half of the next game, basically CONDONING this barbaric if not psychopathic behavior.  It took a separate “student conduct” issue a month later to finally get Ruffin kicked off the team.

Ruffin, who just got his license as a Security Guard (!), is behind bars, being held on $130,000 bail.  $130,000?  Too bad his lawyer isn’t Michael Cohen!  The “Essential Consultants, LLC” could have put up the bond, and Ruffin could have paid it back in installments… and then denied knowing anything about it.

Speaking of denials, Ruffin, as is par for the course for arrested trojans, is pleading not guilty on both charges.  That trial will be interesting to watch, considering the complaint claims that:  “the threatened crime was so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate and specific as to convey … a gravity of purpose and immediate prospect of execution.”

Of course, these prosecutions of trojan criminals have a tendency to “go away,” often due to alleged payoffs by usc and by wealthy and embarrassed trojan boosters.  So stay tuned, as the victims suddenly and simultaneously recant their stories, and then sign non-disclosure agreements, for no apparent reason.  Then maybe Ruffin really will hire Cohen, to make sure those NDA’s aren’t ignored.  If the Trojan Machine doesn’t come to rescue Jabari, there could be Stormy days ahead for Mr. Ruffin, who might end up with Cohen for a cellmate.

Just remember, when comparing the local Universities, UCLA has Jabbar, usc has Jabari.  I’ll take Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (a world-renowned good will ambassador and best-selling author) over Jabari Ruffin (scrotum-stomping, alleged serial woman-attacker) any day of the week.

"DOWN ON A RUFFIN" was published on May 13th, 2018 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. Rick wrote,

    (Too bad) 😉

  2. John Conaty wrote,

    Seems like Trojans are always going down a One Way Street (to self-destruction).

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