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Celebrated murderer celebrates murder — Sacha Baron Cohen takes a stab at O.J. Simpson on Showtime’s “Who is America?” TV show, duping him into actually GIVING A HIGH FIVE over the idea of wife-killing

With everything going on in Washington D.C. right now, you may think this headline has to do with former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen having enough clout and inside information to take down an embattled Nazi sympathizer.  However, it is actually about ex-trojan O.J. “The Juice” Simpson getting punked on National TV by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen’s new Showtime show has made a habit of humiliating political figures and pseudo-celebrities, including Dick Cheney and Roy Moore, and tonight was no different, with Cohen placing ex-con O.J. Simpson in his cross-hairs.  While unable to elicit a full confession to the infamous double murders as intended, Cohen still managed to make Simpson look guilty as sin.  Cohen (disguised as a billionaire character) talked about wanting to kill his woman, and during that conversation, Simpson, who didn’t know he was on camera, high-fived Cohen.  Some things are worth celebrating and some things aren’t.  Murdering your wife is not one of them, but someone forgot to tell O.J.

The conversation went on for about 5 minutes, with Cohen calling Simpson a murderer over and over, making stabbing motions at the neck of his girlfriend.  Viewers around the Country were filled with disgust as O.J. chuckled heartily at all these references to the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  The Juice also thought it was hilarious that Cohen’s Italian girlfriend didn’t know who Simpson was based on references to Football and “The Naked Gun” movies, but when Cohen acted out the stabbing, she immediately realized who O.J. was.

Interestingly, Simpson was allegedly tricked into appearing for this interview by his own legal people, one of whom was paid off handsomely, with the further promise that at least a million dollars would be paid out if Simpson actually confessed to the murders.

Hmmm.  Another egomaniac criminal who hires scumbag attorneys who turn on him.  No one ever said O.J. exercises good judgment.  Seems to be going around lately.

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