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J.L. to ja-il? — Trojan Joseph Lewis, the Nation’s #1 High School Wide Receiver of 2016, is arrested for FELONY Domestic Violence with bail set at $50,000

Well, at least he didn’t murder two people.  Yet another trojan athlete has run afoul of the law in a very serious way.  This time it is Wide Receiver Joseph Lewis, who was booked on Felony Domestic Violence charges yesterday at 2pm.  He is suspected of inflicting “corporal injury” on a spouse or cohabitant.  “Corporal??”  Isn’t that what they used to call it when a parent spanks a kid, as in “corporal punishment?”  Was this just a misunderstanding of a sex game?  Since when is spanking your woman a felony?  Some people really like being spanked.

Or… maybe it’s a little more serious than a slap on the fanny.  “Corporal” in this instance means he inflicted BODILY injury (as opposed to just emotional injury). So maybe he was more than just a pain in the ass.  Lewis is only 18 years old, and barely played for the trojans as a Freshman.  Despite his elite National #1 recruit status, he caught only 4 passes all season long.  He was expected to have a breakout year this coming campaign, but that may be in doubt, as his court date falls on the first day of Spring Practice.  As of now, he has been suspended from all Football activities, pending investigation of his case.

Lewis has been a trojan for only a year, but he played high school ball in South Central, in the shadow of SC.  We don’t know if the charges are true or not, but if they are, we still won’t know if u$c RECRUITED a scumbag, or if they CULTIVATED one.  Did they target and select a thug, or turn him into one in just one short year?  It’s anyone’s guess at this point.  I just hope he is not a victim of false allegations.  I hate to see a life ruined by lies and innuendo.  With bail set at $50,000, all we know is that the “SC Alumni Ref-Bribing, Etc.” account just saw a $5K withdrawal for the 10% bail bond.  Then maybe they can hire the same sleazy fixers that made Nelson Agholar’s Rape case go away — Because the guy who made O.J.’s double-murder go away has already gone away himself.

"CAN’T SPELL “DOMESTIC ABUSE” WITHOUT U-S-C" was published on February 14th, 2018 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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