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Right from the hoarse’s mouth — UCLA Coach Chip Kelly has lost his voice — Let’s hope that’s the only thing he loses this week

So Chip Kelly addressed the throng of Bruin students and fans at the Beat SC Rally Thursday night, and it was painful to listen to him talk.  His raspy voice and sore throat indicates he is either fighting a cold, or, he’s been yelling at his players in practice, getting ready for the one game that could salvage his season.  I hope it’s the latter, and I hope it works.

Kelly is a great motivator, and Rivalry Games often turn on emotion instead of just skill/talent.  Kelly showed the crowd a piece of his motivational arsenal — a video of a bear cub trying repeatedly to climb a snow-covered cliff to get to his parent.  He tries, and tries, continually falling and sliding back down the hill, forcing him to start over again and again.  But the little bear perseveres, and finally makes it to the top.

The Bruins have been sliding down for weeks, so they need to take this example to heart, and refuse to quit in the face of adversity and insurmountable odds, in order to be able to hold their heads up on Saturday, after winning the City Championship.

The Rally was fun.  Besides Chip Kelly, Running Back Joshua Kelley also had the floor, and the mic, and he shared some of his trademark positivity.  In addition to the Football Team, the Basketball team and the reigning National Champion Gymnastic team also appeared on stage, to fire up the crowd in anticipation of the big game on Saturday.

The following photos are all my shots of those sports teams, student dance groups, and Student Alumni Association.  The photos of the Spirit Squad will be in a separate post, although Valeria from the Dance Team is in the SAA group shots in this post.

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