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Reality Star behind bars — “Dance Moms” terror Abby Lee will be wearing drab prison garb for a while as she is sentenced to a year in jail for bankruptcy fraud;  Can’t wait for her to start browbeating her fellow convicts as they prepare for the Summer Stockade Talent Show

A lot of people would like to see a former Reality Show host get arrested for serious crimes against humanity.  But while that particular guy continues to offend half the Country, ANOTHER abusive Reality personality DID get caught, convicted, and now, sentenced.

Abby Lee Miller was the host of the popular Lifetime show “Dance Moms” for about a half-dozen years, getting famous for berating a group of very talented, very young girls as they engaged in intense dance competitions.  It was a tough show to watch:  The children were remarkably graceful under pressure, but some of the actual Dance Moms were obnoxious and belligerent, and Abby was so grating, and at times, despicable in the way she treated the kids, I usually couldn’t take it.

I realize that these reality shows are secretly SCRIPTED, and coordinated in advance, but it didn’t matter.  Whether Abby was just “playing the part” of an over-the-top tyrant or whether that’s how she really is in real life, I couldn’t stand watching her.  Too bad, because some of those girls were ELITE, and definitely could have been future members of the UCLA Dance Team.  You may have even seen one of them — Maddie Ziegler — in a Sia music video.  She is quite talented (at least from my non-expert point of view).

Anyway, Abby really got on my nerves, basically ruining what could have been a lovely show, especially for someone like me who doesn’t like reality shows (but appreciates dance teams).  So when the news hit that she was arrested for bankruptcy fraud, I was pleased.  I like justice, and I like it when karma works.  But I figured she would use her celebrity, and Lifetime’s money/influence, to beat the rap — until yesterday, when the sentence was announced.

Miller apparently hid $800,000 from authorities during her bankruptcy affair, and also SMUGGLED $120,000 cash in to the U.S. from Australia without declaring it to Customs, which is also a crime.  So she has been fined, and has to pay out $160,000, in addition to her getting thrown in the pokey for 366 days.  So whether or not her verbal abuse of the girls was real or faked for the sake of drama for the show, she really is a criminal, and will now have to pay her debt to society.  In honor of that little slice of justice, I think I’ll do a Happy Dance.

I am still editing the photos from the Dance Team portion of the UCLA Spirit Squad Auditions, but here are 38 more now (with lots more coming soon).

"ABBY LEE TO BE DRABBY, NOT FREE" was published on May 10th, 2017 and is listed in Non-Rivalry News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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  1. Dave wrote,

    thanks for the pics bud .. wow how could # 73 and #66 not be chosen ? and to be fair .. you should include pics of the male cheerleaders .. they are a vital part of the squad and should be included …

  2. UCLADal wrote,

    Just one correction T-H, he offends more than half the country… and most of the free world too. That being said, GO BRUINS!

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