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High-Low — #2 UCLA beats Ohio State to improve to 12-0, and Russell Westbrook logs 22 Assists in 13th Triple-Double, while sleazy Pete Carroll calls a bush league fake punt up by 21 with under 6 minutes to go, and Lane Kiffin signs a QB who punched a woman

As the current UCLA Basketball team and Russell Westbrook continue to ascend to celestial heights, former trojan Coaches Pete Carroll and Lane Kiffin continue to wallow in pig slop.  The 2016-17 Bruins remained perfect at 12-0, after pulling away late against the Buckeyes to win 86-73.  UCLA triumphed for the third time against a Big 10 team this season, behind 20 points a piece from Aaron Holiday (off the bench) and Bryce Alford, not to mention superhuman Freshman Lonzo Ball, who missed his first Triple-Double by just 1 shot, 1 Assist, and 1 Rebound.

Speaking of Triple-Doubles, Bruin hero Russell Westbrook got his 13th of the season yesterday.  Ho-hum, except for the fact that this latest Triple-Double included an insane TWENTY-TWO Assists, in an OKC victory over Phoenix.

While UCLA is receiving all this POSITIVE publicity, two names some people associate with u$c got the other kind.  Pete Carroll, who is KNOWN for poor sportsmanship and classless-ly running up the score, did it again this week.  With his Seahawks completely destroying the hapless Rams 24-3 with 5:22 left, he called for a FAKE PUNT, violating accepted NFL protocol.  There was NO WAY the Rams were going to score 21 points in 5 minutes, after scoring 3 in the first 54 minutes.  Carroll is a douchebag, and this call demonstrated that to a National TV audience.

Not only is Carroll a d-bag, but he is also a hypocrite.  After an infamous history at u$c of running up the score against schools who actually have admission standards, Carroll had the gall to call out Jim Harbaugh, when Harbaugh’s Stanford team turned the tables on Carroll and didn’t ease off the gas in one game.  Carroll famously asked Harbaugh “What’s Your Deal?” after the game.  After the Seahwks/Rams game, it was disgusting when the Rams’ interim Coach John Fassell shook Carroll’s hand and hugged him.  He SHOULD have asked Carroll “What’s YOUR deal, scumbag?”

Speaking of scumbags, Lane Kiffin.  In one of Kiffin’s very first moves as the new Head Coach of Florida Atlantic (no REAL school would have him) was to sign De’Andre Johnson, the Quarterback who was kicked out of Florida State after he was caught on video PUNCHING A WOMAN!!  Someone should do to Lane what De’Andre did to that woman.  Kiffin’s tenure at sc taught him one thing:  Take any player on your team, no matter what kind of thuggish criminal he is, because winning is everything.  FAU should take ANOTHER page out of the trojan book, and fire Kiffin on a tarmac before the ink dries on Johnson’s commitment papers.

"2016 BRUINS AND WESTBROOK STILL HEAD OF THE CLASS, CARROLL & KIFFIN STILL NO CLASS" was published on December 18th, 2016 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side.

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