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    Whole Lotta Rosen — Everything’s coming up Rosen at UCLA, as True Freshman Phenom QB Josh Rosen makes a successful Rose(n) Bowl debut in UCLA’s Spring Showcase Saturday morning marked the first day of the Post-Hundley Era for UCLA Football, and it just may be a smooth transition to another era marked by a Superstar […]


    Don’t Fear the Reapers — It’s not too late to make a donation to Swim With Mike — Tragically-injured young athletes deserve to be REAPING the benefits of Bruins and Trojans (and everyone else) coming together for a good cause The big event was last Saturday, but the great need continues, so please go to […]


    Submergin’, not Insurgent — It may seem like a sign of a post-apocalyptic dystopia when I applaud a group of Trojans, but when the USC Song Girls dive in to such an urgent cause, they get my respect As my temporary moratorium on anti-trojan rhetoric continues, here are 59 more photos of Trojan cheerleaders in […]


    Reckless Diving, to Drive Up Rev-enue — The USC Song Girls join the race to help catastrophically-injured young athletes, by jumping into the pool for the innertube relay, at the 35th Annual Swim With Mike Fundraiser I have a ton of new “followers” for this web site this year, thanks to its Facebook page, so […]

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