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    In Trance — Here are 35 UCLA Cheerleader photos (all including the luscious Lizzi) — It’s enough to make your head spin They may call it the “Dog Days of Summer,” but you won’t find any dogs here.  Let’s call it the “Fox Days of Summer” instead, as I unveil another 35 never-before-seen photos from last […]


    Tribute to Tiana — A Tiana Treasure Trove of FORTY-EIGHT never-seen-before photos, all featuring the lovely, returning Tiana of the UCLA Dance Team It may be the “off-season” for UCLA Football and Basketball, but there is no “off” position on the switch that controls the photo archives.  I have literally thousands of UCLA Cheerleader […]


    The U$C Con-Dumbs get no protection from NCAA Bowl Ban, stiff scholarship reductions, or 4-year Probation, as the Appeal Rejection leaves Pat Haden “scratching his head” So — Pat Haden and the trojans “vehemently disagree” with the NCAA’s decision to UPHOLD all the sanctions against U$C in their entirety.  They claim that there is no […]

  • DENIED!!!

    No-Brainer — U$C’s Appeal of their NCAA Sanctions has been denied (according to the L.A. Times), with the Official announcement coming tomorrow According to sources of the L.A. Times, THE DECISION is in, and it does not look good for the trojans.  Apparently, the NCAA has found NO SYMPATHY for the trojan-devils, and will therefore […]


    A Fan o’ Savannah — Like Manna from Heaven, Savannah’s from Heaven, an Angelic Gift from Above Apparently, Stephen Hawking has never met Savannah, or her fellow members of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Last week, World-renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking proclaimed that THERE IS NO HEAVEN, and that anyone who thinks there is believes in fairy tales.  So the […]


    Bruin Star ends ex-trojan’s season, with a Game 7 Triple-Double, the first one in the NBA for 19 years O.J. Mayo had already been temporarily suspended from playing this year, after testing positive for a steroid-related, banned substance.  Now he has been suspended from playing until next season, after his Memphis Grizzlies were brutally ousted […]


    10 new Bruin additions round out the new edition of the World’s Best Spirit Squad It’s an ancient cliche, but it totally applies here:  The UCLA Spirit Squad doesn’t “rebuild,” they “reload.”  And this article targets the high caliber ammunition that the Bruins will be using to fire up crowds for the next year.  Even […]


       Back in Blue — Despite taking some hits, the UCLA Spirit Squad still has zing, with 10 Returnees comprising a solid nucleus that will have fans coming back for more Get back, pack, do it again.  Wheels turning round and round, so get back, pack, do it again.  Here they come again. Play it again, Glam.  […]


    Nikki  Take another little piece of my heart now, baby — The hardest part of being a UCLA Spirit Squad fan is watching your favorites leave the nest I miss them already. At least eight members of last year’s UCLA Spirit Squad — including a few of my favorites — will sadly NOT be returning […]


    ‘Tis the Season to “Don we now our Yay apparel” — Mollie Vehling’s celebrated Selection Committee delivers Christmas in May, as the UCLA Spirit Squad unwraps this year’s Gifts from God Forget Santa Claus — Just give me Lisa Estrada, Elita Loresca, and the rest of Mollie’s little helpers. Once again, the illustrious UCLA Spirit Squad panel of […]

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