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The following pics are for The Riley Family… CONGRATS ON REACHING THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!




Now that the whole world is aware of all the big scandals at u$c, and “woke” to the fact that sc is a National Joke, I no longer need to try to enlighten people about it.

As for the UCLA Spirit Squad, I still love Mollie, Travis, and especially Tiphanie, and will always hold them in the highest esteem. I hope no one takes my decision personally. But I just got on another (TV) show, and I’ve been working (at my real career) so much lately, that I can’t invest the time needed to edit all the pictures, etc. that this site requires.

So it is time to say goodbye. Thank you to everyone who has commented, donated, and frequented the site over the last FIFTEEN YEARS. I keep track of total visits, and I appreciate them all. I hope you all continue to support the UCLA Spirit Squad, including their now CO-ED Dance Team. Go Bruins.


UCLA ROCKS — Young talent shows promise in the Bruin Spring Football Game, while proven stars rock the sidelines

Chip Kelly 2.0 Westwood is in full swing, as the UCLA Football team took the field at Drake Stadium today for the annual Spring Scrimmage. Some young stars flashed some brilliance, the Defense looked solid, the QB’s looked nimble and elusive, and the Offensive pace was faster, more like what was expected of a Chip Kelly Offense last season. But…

Was there hot lava in the end zones? Because in one hour of play, neither side ever stepped foot past the goal line. There were no Touchdowns at all, in a game that ended with a score of 3-0.

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Facebook Fail — Stop trying to “improve” my feed! I already have to scroll past the ubiquitous “sponsored” ADS; I don’t want your “suggested” posts TOO! I just want my friends’ posts, in chronological order, and I want them ALL, not just the ones your algorithms spit out

Change is not always bad. I don’t hate progress. That being said, it seems like every time Social Media giants like Facebook and Instagram make a change, it’s a change for the worse. Often, it’s just a plain ol’ money grab, like increasing the frequency of ADVERTISEMENTS — built right into your feed, masquerading as pertinent content from your friends — to a ludicrous, basically unbearable amount. Other times, it’s adjusting algorithms that screw up what you see, for no apparent reason.

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Admission of Guilt — On “Bruin Day 2019,” more college admission scandals are revealed and UCLA is not exempt, but it’s U$C that gets zinged by Saturday Night Live

“$500,000?? For USC????????” Saturday Night Live took a shot at Southern Cal tonight, as Kate McKinnon impersonated Lori Loughlin IN JAIL, getting questioned about: 1) Why she would waste $500K as a bribe to get her kid into college, and 2) WHY OH WHY would she spend that kind of dough for a lackluster education at an academic joke like u$c??

I haven’t been making too much fun of sc in regard to this academic scandal because UCLA was implicated too (although their involvement was much less than SC’s), and because I know Lori Loughlin and her husband personally, and I like them, so I don’t like seeing them dragged through the mud. But I have to hand it to SNL, who found a way to poke fun at the situation, while keeping it all in perspective. Loughlin was jailed, but then came out favorably compared to her “cell mates” Michael Avenatti and Julian Assange.

Meanwhile, another story was uncovered, involving UCLA allowing students into school based on donations from the parents. This is disgraceful, even if it is common all around the Country. I hope by shining a light on this issue, UCLA can get it under control. It was odd timing for this story to emerge today, because today was Bruin Day 2019. This is a day that is all about Bruin Pride, and love for our school. Despite the news, there is always one program at UCLA that always makes me beam with pride: Here are 44 more photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad from the event…

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Cronin it in — While Bruin fans adjust their expectations for the Mick Cronin Era, it’s not too late to phone in your donations to the Swim With Mike Charity, and enjoy one last collection of Song Girl (and Dance Force) photos

As the Post-Alford Era of UCLA Basketball dawns, the USC Song Girls don bikinis for the final time this year in the following array of photos from the Swim With Mike fundraiser held last Saturday.

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Something to Cro about — After a day of tearful goodbyes in Cincinnati, Mick Cronin arrives in Westwood to revitalize UCLA Basketball

UCLA introduced new Head Basketball Coach Mick Cronin today, and it appears that the program is in good hands. The choice of Cronin checks all the right boxes: He does not have a sleazy past (like Calipari), he is known for tough teams that play tenacious D (unlike his predecessor), and he seems to have great respect for UCLA and the John Wooden Tradition.

I actually got to speak to Coach Cronin privately for about 5-10 minutes, and I am convinced that he understands our Rivalry with usc. I told him that beating sc isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s much more important than that. He told me that HE GETS IT, telling me about Cinci’s rivalry with Xavier. I told him we don’t hang Final Four banners here, but you have to win the CITY Title first.

Then we talked about winning THE RIGHT WAY, without getting your hands dirty. I told him I was so happy to have HIM instead of someone like Calipari, who has been caught breaking the rules on multiple occasions. Cronin told me that THIS IS UCLA, and we don’t NEED to break the rules in order to attract top talent and win Championships. Also, he’s not going to take any crap from his players. If THEY break the rules, they won’t play.

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Did McDonald’s finally add a croissant-donut hybrid, or did UCLA hire a new Head Basketball Coach?

I am not one of those Dan Guerrero haters. I don’t make a habit of calling the portly Athletic Director “Donut Dan” like many others do. I’m much more interested in his struggles hiring a new Coach than his struggles counting and curtailing calories. So it’s my duty to explain that there is NO TRUTH to the rumor that someone recommended Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin, and he thought they said “McCronut” so he said “Let’s do it!”

In general, I like Mick Cronin. His Bearcat teams have looked great — at least against UCLA — in the last couple of years, and are known for tenacious defense, which is exactly what has been missing in Westwood for the half-decade since Ben Howland was removed from his post.

Also on the plus side: He is not John Calipari, Rick Pitino, Larry Brown, Kelvin Sampson, or Bruce Pearl — all potential candidates with DIRTY hands and/or sleazy pasts. And, Cronin is not Earl Watson. As much as I may appreciate that Watson is a great Bruin, I do not want someone who has never Coached or recruited at this level. So Cronin has won at this level, gotten his team in the Top 25, reached the Tournament every year for almost a decade, and is only 47 years old. These are all pretty much “prerequisites” in my opinion.

But… there is still lots of downside to this choice: He’s not one of the top choices of the search committee — more like the 8th. And worse, he has never gone far in the NCAA Tournament. He has gotten to the Sweet 16 only once, and never any further. His last two teams have gotten eliminated after blowing huge leads — not a good sign that a Coach can coax clutch performances when it really matters.

However — I am not upset with the choice, and I am not convinced that he is doomed to fail. If he can recruit better than he did while a mid-major, then he can get something done at UCLA. If he can get 4-star players to commit to Defense, he could easily build the next UVA, right here in L.A.

Speaking of L.A., here are 69 more shots of cheerleaders from that other school in L.A….

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Pooling Resources — It’s that time of year again: Time to put the Rivalry aside and come together to raise money and awareness for the Swim with Mike Charity

This is not the time to talk about admission scandals, about disgraced University doctors, or about who currently possesses the Victory Bell. Once a year, that is all put aside, and Bruins and Trojans coexist in peace — with Trojans in two-piece bathing suits — all for a good cause. The Swim with Mike fundraiser raised over a million dollars, in this, it’s 39th year. That money goes to pay for scholarships for seriously injured young athletes so that they can overcome their tragic situations, attend college, and reach their goals in life.

One of the main reasons this charity is successful is that the USC Song Girls consent to don bathing suits and participate in a Relay Race in the pool with the Football players. Credit where credit is due: They put up with a lot of cameras, and are REAL TROOPERS, just to raise money for this worthy cause. I try not to select any unflattering pics, out of respect for their admirable generosity at this event.

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Nimble, no thimble — Up by 1 in the final 30 seconds of Overtime, with 2 seconds left on the shot clock, the Bruins Pass Go, when the pass goes to Jaylen Hands, who fingertips a three-pointer into the net, and like placing hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place, it was essentially the game-winner in UCLA’s 93-88 OT Revenge over u$c

To beat a school of thugs who often don’t pass go but DO collect $200 before going directly to jail, UCLA had to roll the dice and put that Bruin Race Car into overdrive. u$c played an AMAZING game, overcoming two crucial injuries, dishing out 28 Assists to only THREE Turnovers, and MAKING NINETEEN THREE POINTERS, yet it wasn’t enough to stop the hungry Bruins from avenging a 13-point loss to troy earlier in the season.

It was a see-saw battle all the way, with double-digit lead changes and several one-sided spurts. Sc led by 10 early, but UCLA led by 9 later. Troy’s Bennie Boatwright was unstoppable, sinking 7 three-pointers and grabbing a career-high 15 Rebounds, falling only 4 Assists short of notching what would have been only the second triple-double in sc history. Jonah Mathews added 5 treys of his own, as UCLA’s zone was pathetic against outside shooting.

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17… IN A ROW? — After a scoreless first half, Jaylen Hands hits 7 3-pointers and scores 27, leading UCLA to a 17-0 spurt that brings them back from 19 down to beat the Ducks 90-83, for the second miracle comeback victory against Oregon this season and third in three years

Hands stands alone. UCLA’s Jaylen Hands just had the half of a lifetime. After getting completely blanked by Oregon in the first half and watching the Bruins trail by 16 at the intermission, Hands jobbed the Ducks in the second half, scoring 27 — the most by a Bruin in one half in God knows how long — to lead UCLA all the way back to jerk the game away from Oregon in a 90-83 victory. Hands hit 7 three’s in the half, including the dagger in the final minute.

The Bruins scored 17 straight points in the second half, in a spurt reminiscent of the Wooden Glory Days. Hands was dominant, making NBA-distance treys, while Kris Wilkes and Jules Bernard also filled it up. Alex Olesinski and Jalen Hill were also on the floor contributing with Defense and Rebounding as the Bruins went on their remarkable run.

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