Dedicated to the HATRED of all things trOJan

Why trOJans are hated


  1. U$C entices recruits with illegal benefits like houses and Land Rovers, and admits anyone, regardless of academic fraud or criminal transgression, in a “win-at-any-cost” mentality, making an even playing field an impossibility.
  2. Trojans are obnoxiously arrogant in everything that they do, including STILL idolizing O.J. Simpson.
  3. To attend a Trojan home football or basketball game, you need body armor.
  4. Parking at the Coliseum is on someone’s front lawn, and they want you to give them $100 AND leave them your keys!
  5. SC Alumni drive like they own the road, too self-absorbed and inconsiderate to use their turn signals.
  6. You can get a Trojan degree on eBay. Just ask the Wal-Mart Heiress.
  7. Compared with most Trojan Alumni, Keyshawn Johnson is HUMBLE!
  8. Their nickname “Trojans” refers to the LOSERS of history’s most storied battle ever. Not only that, but they lost the War because they were gullible, and got outsmarted by their rivals, who tricked them with the Trojan Horse.
  9. Their fight song was created by a Trojan DENTIST (it’s like a root canal).
  10. The band plays that same boring song every 7 seconds, all game long, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS TRANSPIRING ON THE FIELD.
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