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The Mac n’ Cheese Bowl is in the mix — The NCAA grants a waiver to UCLA to play in a Bowl Game despite a 6-7 record, a reward some fans think is sickening and undeserved, but it’s really just desserts

As was explained here (and in the comments section) last week, UCLA is going to a Bowl Game this season, whether or not they finish with a winning record.  On Wednesday, the NCAA green-lighted the Bruins’ request for an exemption to the standard requirement of having a winning record to be eligible for a Bowl Game.  The waiver was granted, reportedly, because the Pac-12 has 7 Bowl Commitments, and without UCLA, only 6 Bowl-eligible teams.  In addition, since the Bruins got 6 wins during the regular season, which is usually the number that you need to avoid being ineligible, it was decided that UCLA shouldn’t be punished for winning the South Division, and having to play the North Champion in an extra game.

So UCLA goes bowling, while u$c sits out.  Sorry trojans, but that’s what happens when you cheat, pay players, show no remorse, then accuse the NCAA of having a vendetta.  While u$c is sitting behind bars in South Central, UCLA will (probably) be going to picturesque San Francisco.  There, they will play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, possibly facing Illinois, who hasn’t won a game in a month and a half.

Some fans think that Bowls are for teams that have successful seasons, and that UCLA (or the Illini for that matter) doesn’t deserve to go.  They even whine selfishly that they want this Bruin season to come to a merciful end already.  They also want this season to end quicker, so that the incoming new Coach can take over the Program sooner, to start the overhaul.  Some even think that UCLA should TURN DOWN a Bowl bid if/when it’s offered.  However, others argue that the extra game allows for three more weeks of practice, and that the Bruins need all the extra practice they can get.  I am more in agreement with this latter group, but for a lot more reasons than extra practice.

For instance:  I think it’s excellent that the trojans have to watch UCLA play another game in the postseason, while they are on the outside looking in.  And if they are in Bowl Pools, they even have to think about betting on UCLA to win.  Another reason for glee:  Now the Bruin players have an opportunity to go out on a winning note.  There are a lot of seniors for whom this will be their last game, and they will have a much better chance to walk away after a win (compared to finishing up against Oregon in Eugene).

The theory that only really good teams deserve Bowl Games is so “90’s.”  Or maybe even so “70’s.”  Back when there were a LOT less Bowl Games, it would have sucked to see a sub-.500 team somehow earn one of the rare berths.  But now that there are so many, that attitude no longer applies.  A team that turns it on late in the season could really be better at that point than a team with a slightly better record.  Besides, the records don’t take into consideration the strength of schedule, so a 6-7 team could certainly be worthy of a Bowl.  That all being said, YES, I agree that there are WAY too many Bowl Games, and that they should completely eliminate about 15 or 20 of them.  But until they do, I have no problem with a 6-7 UCLA continuing to compete.

Yet another reason to accept a bid, besides extra practice, which is good, is that the non-seniors will get a little experience in the process of playing in a Bowl Game.  It is different than a regular season game, with more Press, pomp, pageantry, and distractions.  It can only HELP prepare them for next year, if they get used to the experience this year.  And how about the fans?  Isn’t it nice that some die-hard Bruin fans will get a little vacation to NorCal?  San Francisco is a great city to visit, with fantastic food and iconic sights.  Why would anyone want to deprive those Bruin travellers of that?  Sure, it will be frigid in the stadium, but they’ll be all bundled up, and will still get to enjoy a DAY or two in the City by the Bay.  Even people with fear of flying, or fear of TSA patdowns, can attend — It’s not a bad drive.  You can take the Coast for scenic beauty unparalleled, or you can take the Cow Route inland, if you want to get there a lot faster.  Of course you have to hold your breath for a few minutes as you pass the pastures, but you can make it in 6 hours.

Of course this whole article would be moot, if the Bruins managed to pull off the upset in Autzen Stadium on Friday night.  They seem to have emotion on their side, as they topped off their last practice, by CARRYING RICK NEUHEISEL OFF THE FIELD ON THEIR SHOULDERS, WHILE SINGING THE UCLA FIGHT SONG.  It was a powerful, moving scene, that had the Coach all choked up, and had the players tweeting about it being one of the greatest experiences of their careers.  I guess Rick never “lost” his team, and maybe they’ll play out of their heads, in order to give him a proper send-off.  They’ll HAVE to, if they want to have any chance of beating an Oregon team that is playing for a Rose Bowl berth.

If the Bruins do win, I would actually love to see Rick get a reprieve, and be allowed to Coach the team in the Rose Bowl.  If they lose, then Mike Johnson can take over for the Kraft Bowl, as planned.  But I would be SHOCKED if Dan Guerrero let Neuheisel back for one more game… because what if Rick beats Wisconsin (or Michigan State) in the Rose Bowl Game?  Then would he have to get his job back?  It would be the biggest administrative screw-up in College Football History, not counting Penn State, of course.  I was talking “wacky,” not “despicable.”

"WAIVER OF NAUSEA" was published on December 1st, 2011 and is listed in Blue & Gold News.

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  1. dswenson wrote,

    Please don’t kick me off this web site but I do wish Rick would be reinstated. I honestly feel next year would have been our year to shine. With the team carrying him off the field yesterday, I cried because I think NO future UCLA Football COACH will ever love and care about UCLA like Rick does. What a gracious and caring man. I feel for him and his family. Here was his dream job.I hope the BRUINS beat Oregon tomorrow and that Rick comes back as our coach for our bowl game and the future. Dan Guerrero and Chancellor Block are the ones that should go. They have handled this very poorly. They have shown that they are very weak leaders. Dan should have backed up his coach and not given in to Block. Block doesn’t seem to care about athletics very much. GO BRUINS and let’s get Rick back!!!

  2. JosephineBruin wrote,


  3. JosephineBruin wrote,

    that’s GO BRUINS!

  4. Robert wrote,

    I agree with dswenson, Rick should be reinstated, the one that needs to go is Dan Guerrero. What rick’s mistake was – and probably due to lack of financial backing by the school or boosters – not hiring the the right coaches. The DLine’s play has been horrific, as well as the LBs…how can you expect to win when the opposing QB has all day? and our DB’s giving WRs a 10 yard cushion at the line of scrimmage? all that is on the DC. Rick needs to stay, and invest money into top Defensive Personnel.

    Rick Neuheisel should replace Dan Guerrero ASAP.

  5. dswenson wrote,

    I agree that Rick should be our new AD. I hate to see him go. We will never have a coach in our future that loves and cares about UCLA like Rick does. Go BRUINS!!!

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