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The Meth Head and the Murderer — U$C finally bars double-murderer O.J. Simpson and (alleged) Hooker-loving Meth Addict Carmen Puliafito from official events, after decades of overlooking all their criminal acts, but, O.J.’s giant ceremonial jersey and Heisman will continue to be glorified

The hypocrisy and denial of the so-called “University” of Southern Cal knows no bounds.  It took 22 years to finally — but only partially — disown double-murdering, armed robbery-committing SCumbag of the Century O.J. Simpson, and even with this week’s announcement that O.J. will NOT be allowed on the sidelines at trojan football games or permitted to attend any other officially-sanctioned trojan activity, they still couldn’t bear to do what really needs to be done.  The trojan “brain” trust will NOT commit to removing the giant #32 football jersey from the bleachers of the Coliseum, nor will they take down the display of the Heisman Trophy that O.J. won back in the 60’s.

The trojan football machine masquerading as a school of higher learning will never be able to see that murder trumps football glory, and that it is NOT WORTH IT to insult the memory of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman by continuing to celebrate The Juice’s gridiron career.  Even the fact that O.J. went on to confirm the accusation that he is a felonious criminal by committing armed robbery wasn’t enough to sway the powers-that-be at SC.  After 9 years in prison, O.J. has still shown no remorse, no contrition, and hasn’t even admitted fault.  No allocution whatsoever, except for his “If I Did It” book, which he incredulously claims is fiction.  But despite the fact that almost everyone in the World considers him to be a murderer, his trojan career will continue to be publicly lauded for that whole World to see.  It is a miracle that they don’t make him the Honorary Captain of a game after his nauseating October parole.

Based on the way u$c has refused to fully renounce Simpson, it is no surprise what is going on in the news this week with former U$C Dean of Medicine Carmen Puliafito.  For the last week or so, the Los Angeles Times has been exposing u$c for their handling of Puliafito, whom sc KNEW was committing serious crimes ON CAMPUS, but let him continue as their Medical School Dean anyway.

Sc has been cheating for at least 5 decades to keep their Football program relevant, and for the last 20 years, they have taken the same approach trying to fabricate an acceptable reputation for Academics.  To this end, they looked the other way as the prolific Puliafito broke all the rules, while allegedly poaching better professors and raising more money than anyone else ever did or ever could.  Even AFTER sc had received serious reports and complaints about Puliafito’s heinous behavior, they re-signed him to a long-term contract that paid him over a million dollars a year.

What was in those complaints that sc ignored?  HOOKERS and METH!!!  ON CAMPUS!!!    Carmen was doing illegal drugs, and partying with prostitutes and other known criminals, on the school campus.  Not only that, but he apparently was running the department like a lunatic, DRUNKENLY abusing and publicly humiliating staff, and spontaneously going off on tantrums.  But they didn’t fire him, because he was too important to their academic reputation, and too valuable in terms of fundraising!!

This is the trojan mentality, pervasive throughout the University.  It may have started in the Athletic Department, but it has clearly spread like a disease through the entire institution.  I have been proclaiming this for years and years, and now finally, The Times has got on board, and presented some irrefutable proof.

The President of the University is now sweating like one of Puliafito’s hookers in church.  The Times has published his quotes of denial, which have already been refuted with solid evidence.  This guy should step down like all the complicit clowns at Baylor did during their Rape scandal.

After this latest Puliafito SCandal, the sc campus should be completely fumigated.  Put one of those big circus tents over this Clown College, and exterminate everything.  The trojan President is just as big of a SCumbag as is Puliafito, just like Joe Paterno was just as bad as Sandusky — IF — JoPa knew what was happening and didn’t stop it. Just nuke the whole campus to the ground, quarantine the whole area, and give frontal lobotomies to everyone who was stupid enough to enroll or work there.  And THAT would be “a good start,” and an event worthy of immortalizing in the Coliseum.

"U$C’S JOKE OF A MARCHING BAN" was published on July 31st, 2017 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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