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Born two Rung — A 2017 New York Times study proves that UCLA is #1 in the Country for graduates achieving a two-rung ascension up the ladder of success

UCLA has always been known as an elite University, and for a long time, being a UCLA student has been the most coveted honor amongst high schoolers Worldwide — The Westwood campus is the perennial leader in terms of applications received.  And now, according to the revered New York Times, there is a clear, logical,  justifying reason for this global desire:  UCLA ranks #1 for upward mobility.

Compared to the other 63 top-tier Universities, UCLA is the decisive winner.  Way more Bruin graduates rise up TWO LEVELS (or more) economically than any other school on the list.  It is no surprise that UCLA performed so much better than u$c in this metric;  The only surprise is that u$c was included in the “top tier” at all.

In the Sports World, a lot of people judge a school by how many of their athletes make it to the Pro’s.  Plenty of recruits base their choice of schools on how many others from that school reach the big time.  Apparently, the same strategy is being used by regular students around the World.  UCLA is #1 in applications, partially because of the location, and the climate, and of course, THE BEAUTIFUL COEDS, but also because it is #1 in the OVERALL UPWARD MOBILITY INDEX.

Speaking of beautiful coeds, let’s celebrate this recently published evidence of UCLA’s superiority with 44 more photos from the UCLA Dance Team Auditions (photos from #901-#1000).

"UCLA: MO’ ABILITY FOR UPWARD MOBILITY" was published on June 1st, 2017 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, Non-Rivalry News.

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