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Not to take sides, but…  If YOU are unhappy with the election results and you want to join the protest without risking your life trying to block a freeway, here’s an inexpensive t-shirt to express your views

I told you I don’t like to get political here, and that I don’t want to alienate anyone.  But there are so many Californians and UCLA Students who are upset, I decided to offer some t-shirts to help them express themselves, vent, and feel a little better.

As I said the other day, I don’t think it is going to be QUITE as bad as some people think.  I believe that it takes a long time for government to effect changes in the World, and I think there will be so much protest and obstruction, that those changes might be subdued by the time they come to fruition.  I also think that what is promised in a campaign is designed to win votes, and doesn’t necessarily reflect what the candidate actually will pursue with full gusto.  So let’s hope that people here don’t lose the rights that the vast majority of Californians want them to keep, and let’s hope that no foreign powers are enraged by any rhetoric that is offered, to the point of hostilities.  And finally, let’s hope the rhetoric about improving foreign trade deals really DOES come to fruition, and that the economic experts coming into power will be successful for you, and me, and the whole Country.

Let’s start the economic upturn by purchasing a t-shirt —>

Then enjoy these 69 more photos of the UCLA Cheerleaders (of present and past), which I have never charged a dime for, despite the grand expense of bringing you those 100,000+ pictures of beauty and grace.

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