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You want some tries with that shake? —  This is my final collection of photos from the 2018 UCLA Spirit Squad (Dance Team) Try-outs, with a shout out to people who have persevered, auditioning more than once before making the team

The competition is fierce, and the feeling of rejection is devastating.  That is why I have immense respect for the people who have overcome that temporary dejection, and come back again to try out the following year(s).  It is heartwarming to know that at least one person has succeeded on their third attempt, inspiring everyone to stick to it, and never surrender.

That’s right:  Follow your dreams, and don’t quit.  This year there were several finalists that seemed (to me) quite worthy, and I hope they participate in the 2019 auditions.  The rewards are totally worth it.  I have spoken to dozens of Spirit Squad Alumni, and they ALL cherish their experience on the Squad.

So here are my final 66 photos from this year’s auditions.  Enjoy, and be sure to follow the careers of these talented students throughout the year.  By the way, I have hundreds more never-seen-before Spirit Squad pics from last year’s Cal and Colorado games at the Rose Bowl, which I am currently editing, and will share soon, so stay tuned.

"TRY TRY AGAIN" was published on July 9th, 2018 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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