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Swann Stiffs Boys in Blue — A Los Angeles Police organization is threatening to take action because the on-duty Cops that keep the Coliseum slightly safer than the surrounding South Central environment on trojan game days are NOT GETTING PAID

For years the trojans have been claiming that they own the Police.  As so many of their players have skated on Rape and other serious charges, it was hard to ignore the corrupt influence that the u$c Machine had over the LAPD.  Well, now there is more evidence that suggests that sc really does believe that the Police are simply a tool placed on Earth to SERVICE the trojans.

For several YEARS now, u$c has had the Police Department DIVERT active, on-duty Officers to the Coliseum when the trojans are playing there, to keep the peace as belligerent, arrogant drunken fans wreak havoc all over the premises.  The UNDERMANNED Police Department has complied under duress, and fully staffed that cesspool the trojans call home, trying to quell the gangland activity and violent crime waves that afflict these events, while NEGLECTING the rest of the City, making the citizens of Los Angeles more vulnerable than usual.  As if this whole usurping of personnel isn’t bad enough by itself, it now comes out that the Officers aren’t even getting paid for their courageous service.

The statement released by the Police organization explains to Southern Cal and its Athletic Director Lynn Swann that u$c is in effect STEALING PUBLIC FUNDS.  Swann is famous for playing for the Pittsburgh STEELERS, but now it looks like he has become a STEALER.  u$c is now being urged to hire OFF-DUTY Police like the Rams do for THEIR games at the Coliseum, instead of ILLEGALLY commandeering the working Police force of the City.

If sc does not immediately change their miserly and entitled $trategy, the statement says that further action will be taken.  With a game coming up this Saturday night (tonight!), fans may want to skip the game, because the assigned Police Security Detail may BOYCOTT and stage a walk-out, leaving game attendees completely unprotected, in a veritable war zone.  Good luck with that, trojan fans.

Although, with the trojans sitting at 1-and-3, there aren’t that many fans left.  So many have already quit on them for the year, just like a lot of the players — rats jumping off a sinking ship.  Probably a smart choice — They will be safer watching the game on TV from their living rooms than actually venturing to an unprotected Coliseum, that may be a lawless frontier like the wild wild west before the Sheriff comes to town.

I hope the Song Girls stay home.  Why risk it?

Meanwhile, the place to be tomorrow night is pastoral Pasadena, where the UCLA Spirit Squad will be performing in peace and safety.  Here are the last 53 shots from the Stanford game.  And come back her Sunday for new pics from the Arizona game.

"TROJANS FLEECE THE POLICE" was published on October 1st, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Just like Matt Leinert’s flag football league’s shenanigans. trojans will be trojans.

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