Demons OUT!  —  After Bruin fans’ outrage exorcised trojan candidates, Neuheisel annoints Godsend Joe Tresey as Defensive Coordinator

It’s an OMEN of GOOD things to come.  After two months of Holy Hell, UCLA and Rick Neuheisel finally came to their senses:  About an hour ago, the Bruins announced the heavenly hiring of Joe Tresey as their new Defensive Coordinator.

For the last 60 days, which seemed like 666 days, true Bruin fans have been fearing the worst:  The possiblility of ex-trojans Mark Carrier or Rocky Seto getting the gig.  Even Ken “Traitor” Norton’s name was bandied about on the Internet message boards.  Not only are all three of those choices total Bruin-haters, but none of them had any experience as true Defensive Coordinators. 

So, even Bruin fans who don’t care about the Rivalry were up in arms.  But the people SPOKE, and an end was put to those idiotic plans.  After Seto was offered the job, his totally-trojan actions led to the offer being rescinded.  He told people about his hiring BEFORE it was officially announced by UCLA.  That led to his getting congrats on FACEBOOK, and an article in the online Daily Trojan.  Those premature internet proclamations stirred the emotions of Bruin fans, who complained vociferously, even threatening to pull their $upport  from the Program.  The concept of losing big-money boosters, along with the idea of getting someone so unprofessional and immature that he would prematurely ejaculate about his appointment, led to UCLA pulling the offer out from under Seto’s feet.

Veto-ing Seto equals disaster averted, unless Neuheisel had ended up with another trojan honk, or another inexperienced wannabe.  But now, Bruin fans can lay their fears to rest, as Joe Tresey is neither of the above.  First of all, the 52-year-old Tresey graduated from a REAL Football school:  The Ohio State University.  And secondly, he has plenty of experience under his belt.

Tresey was recently the Defensive Coordinator for Cincinnati and South Florida, with top-flight results.  USF was 24th in the Nation in Defense in 2009, and Cinci LED THE NATION in FORCING TURNOVERS during Tresey’s tenure.  Neuheisel says that Tresey’s approach is a very aggressive one, and the numbers bear that out.  Even when Tresey was working at smaller schools, his teams excelled on a National level, especially in creating Turnovers.  

Thanks to the Turnover in Neuheisel’s staff, the Bruins’ Turnover Margin should improve dramatically, immediately.  Even the Neuheisel-haters are going to have to dig deep to find something to complain about, concerning this apparently-wise hire.  Of course for ME, any non-trojan would have sufficed, but getting a highly-respected winner like Tresey makes me even happier.  Let’s just hope that he — unlike Norm Chow — lives up to the hype.


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  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Congrats and a GO BRUINS! to Coach Tresey! Welcome to the Bruin Football Nation! Now let’s win some football games!!! GO BRUINS!