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Into the valley of… no wait — I don’t mean the game, I mean I’m going to share 150 photos from the Oregon State game and 20 more from the Bonfire, so you have something to do tonight and tomorrow, waiting for, well, you know

Before the game tomorrow, I want to save all my previous pics from this week to flash drives and a cloud, and I want to clear my camera.  Soooooo, I’m going to blow them all out, right now.  170 photos (which didn’t make the previous cuts), tonight, in two parts.  Of course these shots are not the highest quality, because they were taken at night, with a cheap camera, no fancy lenses, and no tripod, many from 40 yards away.  But since the subject matter of the photos is the unparalleled UCLA Spirit Squad, they are still worth sharing.

So here are the first 85, including the one above, of the hug.  The second 85 will follow shortly.  I’m breaking them into two sets, because I don’t think an article with 170 pics will download onto a phone quickly enough.  Anyway, a HUG is precisely what I think I will need, around 11pm on Saturday night.  But you never know.  Maybe it will be a hug of joy, instead of a hug of sympathy and shared misery.


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