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I pledge allegiance, to the Squad — The UCLA Spirit Squad is launching a crowdfunding effort today.  Please go to  — OR, if you want to donate to this site as well as the squad, click on the DONATE tab above, and your donation will be split evenly between the Trojan-Haters Club and the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Guaranteed.   OR:

We are less than one month away from the big Rivalry game.  UCLA vs. u$c at the Rose Bowl, on November 19th.  So for this big month, I am announcing the First Annual Pledge Drive Month.  Coincidentally, the Spirit Squad chose today to start their own crowdfunding effort, through the UCLA-based website called Spark UCLA.  That site has many UCLA-related causes that require donations to carry out their various admirable missions and reach their worthy goals.

I hope you appreciate what the Bruin Spirit Squad does, and I hope that you dig deep into your hearts and wallets and help support them.  And if you like seeing all the photos here, maybe you can also make a donation to the Trojan-Haters Club, to help pay for camera batteries, parking, and tickets to the various events so that the photo-coverage can continued to be delivered here.

As you know, there are NO ads on this site, pop-up or otherwise.  Don’t you hate all the other sites that have those?  Every time I go to look something up, I have to sit through a commercial, or I have to look for the increasingly hidden “X” to close the ad window.  And they try to trick you with false x’s, to get you to click on their usually worthless ads.  This site has been here 10 years, with none of that garbage.  So all the hundreds of hours put into this site have gone unrewarded, except for the occasional thank you (which is greatly appreciated) and the even more occasional donation.  No one has bought anything from the “gift shop” in years.

So if you are feeling generous, and you like coming here, please considering helping out.  Half of anything I receive this month will go directly to the Spirit Squad.  And if you don’t want to, please still consider going to the Squad’s fundraising page to support them directly.

Thank you.

Now… before you check out the photos below, I have two UCLA/u$c-related Football comments to make:

#1 — The Chicago Bears’ 2nd-string QB Brian Hoyer broke his arm in Green Bay tonight, forcing them to use their horrible 3rd-stringer, who happens to be ex-trojan Matt Barkley.  As expected, he sucked, and the Packers killed them.  Barkley hadn’t thrown a completion in over two years, and he only threw 6 in this game, on 15 attempts.  The Bears Offense scored ZERO Touchdowns with Barkley at the helm, managing only 3 points all night.  That’s only ONE MORE POINT THAN BARKLEY INTERCEPTION.  But here’s the best part:  A week from Monday, the Bears host the Vikings on Monday Night Football, so Barkley will be facing Bruin Anthony Barr, who sacked Barkley into the jurassic period in his last play in college, possibly costing Barkley millions of dollars, when he ended up not getting drafted until the 4th round.  Bruin Eric Kendricks is also on Minnesota, so Barkley may be getting pummeled by two different Bruins in that game, including the one who has been haunting Barkley’s nightmares for the last several years.  So I guess Matt can work some more on his “unfinished business.”

#2 — I saw former trojan lineman Tony Boselli on TV last night, and he looked relatively scrawny, begging the question:  No more steroids?  Didn’t he used to be yuuuuuuge? He was a dominant player in his day, but that “day” was apparently before the stringent testing for performance enhancers and human growth hormones.  SC does have a reputation, but who knows?  He could have been totally clean the whole time, and just isn’t working out as much any more.  It’s just that now he looks like a Mini-me version of his old self.


Here are another 61 Bruin Cheerleader photos from the last home game…


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