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Monster Mash-up — The Box Office Smash 2018-19 UCLA Dance Team will consist of 4 Superhero returnees plus 7 new Wonder Women.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

If you are just tuning in:  I am not neglecting the illustrious UCLA Cheer Squad;  The PRECEDING article is all about the Cheer Squad, and includes 30 pics.  THIS article here is a celebration of the UCLA Dance Team.

RETURNING for another glorious tour of duty are Dance Teamers Jordie, Sydney, Emily, and of course, Katy, who seems like a permanent fixture (and that’s NOT a complaint).  JOINING those superstars are brand new members Alicia, Audrey, Claudia, Madison, Makena, Sarah, and Valeria, who recently seemed like a permanent fixture at the auditions.  Valeria is a living tribute to perseverance, ultimately making the Dance Team on her third try.  I am SO happy for her.  That takes a lot of guts and a lot of “never say die” spirit that I admire.

I’m not sure if any of the other new girls have also tried multiple times — I just remember taking photos of Valeria the previous two try-outs because of her distinctive look (especially her hair).

I took 1109 photos at the Auditions on Sunday.  30 Cheer Squad photos are in the previous article, and 64 Dance Team photos accompany THIS article.  I will try to post more during the week.  In order to help you decipher who is who, and who made the team and who didn’t, here is a KEY to the “winners,” with their names, and the NUMBERS they are wearing in the pictures:

  • 35 | Alicia
  • 37 | Claudia
  • 42 | Sarah
  • 43 | Maddison F.
  • 53 | Audrey
  • 54 | Emily (Returnee)
  • 59 | Valeria
  • 66 | Sydney  (Returnee)
  • 67 | Jordie  (Returnee)
  • 68 | Makena
  • 69 | Katy  (Returnee)

NOTE:  There is an abundance of photos of Audrey today.  I am not “playing favorites.”  Actually, I sat with her family at the Auditions, and they were incredibly nice.  Dad even helped me with my camera. So…  I promised them I would try to feature their daughter/sibling in today’s collection.  I hope no one minds.  🙂

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