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Pooling Resources — It’s that time of year again: Time to put the Rivalry aside and come together to raise money and awareness for the Swim with Mike Charity

This is not the time to talk about admission scandals, about disgraced University doctors, or about who currently possesses the Victory Bell. Once a year, that is all put aside, and Bruins and Trojans coexist in peace — with Trojans in two-piece bathing suits — all for a good cause. The Swim with Mike fundraiser raised over a million dollars, in this, it’s 39th year. That money goes to pay for scholarships for seriously injured young athletes so that they can overcome their tragic situations, attend college, and reach their goals in life.

One of the main reasons this charity is successful is that the USC Song Girls consent to don bathing suits and participate in a Relay Race in the pool with the Football players. Credit where credit is due: They put up with a lot of cameras, and are REAL TROOPERS, just to raise money for this worthy cause. I try not to select any unflattering pics, out of respect for their admirable generosity at this event.

So here are the rest of the FIRST (best) SIXTY shots from the event. In PART 2 there will be another 50. Then coming in the days ahead, another 100, so come back soon to check for more photos. And PLEASE consider donating to Swim with Mike. Unlike so many other charities, this one is legit. I met a paralyzed former Hockey player today, who is about to graduate USC thanks to Swim with Mike — This organization makes a real difference.

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