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Who ya calling Boing? — In 14 years of attending these Spring Showcase autograph sessions, this is the first time ever I’ve seen Spirit Squad members out there in the fray, prompting me to leap into action and capture these rare moments of two worlds colliding

Usually, after a Football event, I post my 50-80 best shots in one article.  But on Saturday, there were so many shots that I consider “first-nighters,” that I had to split them into two articles.  I think if I put 100 or more in one article, and you’re trying to see them on your phone, they may take forever to load.  So I put all the Football/scrimmage “non-cheer” shots in the preceding article, and saved all the cheerleader pics for this one.  But since, for the first time ever, I got shots of Dance Teamers WITH Footballers, this article has a little of both.

There were 11 of the 23 Spirit Squad girls in attendance (plus 1 in [cute] plain clothes, just visiting!), and they were all super nice.  With Auditions coming up next week, this may have been the last event for some of them, so I’m glad they seemed to be having so much fun (except for the excessive heat)!  Anyway, here are 64 more photos, featuring all 11, plus some Bruin Football players posing with them.


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