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Lewis not on the loose any more — Trojan Wide Receiver Joseph Lewis gets arrested for domestic abuse AGAIN, just two weeks after getting released from jail

So much for rehabilitation.  I guess 21 days of incarceration wasn’t enough for trojan football player Joseph Lewis to learn his lesson.  Just 14 days after being turned loose from the Greybar Hotel, Lewis has been checked in again.  Apparently, Domestic Abusers Gonna Domestic Abuse.

Lewis was on PROBATION when this SECOND charge of Domestic Battery with an Injury was levied against him, so chances are good that his next stay in the pokey will be longer than three measly weeks.  His bail has been set at $100,000.  I’m sure some trojan booster can fork that over, since it is just chump change for those chumps.  That being said, they better start saving their money in order to pony up for the upcoming judgment against U$C for aiding and abetting the trojan gynecologist who abused hundreds of u$c students while the administration knew about it but turned a blind eye to it.  They may owe $500 million to the victims when all is said and done.

If this were the Bizarro World Helsinki Edition, trojan fans would be congratulating Lewis for staying out of trouble for 13 whole days before re-offending.  It is unclear if the INJURED victim is the SAME girl that he injured last time.  It will be interesting to learn the details of this repeat offense as they are revealed.  Besides violating the general terms of his Probation, did he also violate his Court Order to stay 100 yards away from the first victim?  Did he also blow off his mandatory treatment course?  Just how stupid IS this particular stupid trojan?  Even after being jailed the first time, he still was planning on returning to the trojan football team.  That prospect looks pretty bleak now, considering he’ll probably be in prison when his teammates return to the gridiron this Fall… not that they wouldn’t welcome him with open arms, if he didn’t UNDER-PERFORM so badly last season.

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