…just singin’ in DeWayne, what a glorious feeling, we’re happy again!

Rick’s Reign begins with Walker-retention; Neu Honeymooners should make sure that Norton stays “Kramden” the Sewer

And a-WAAAAY we go:

Ricky-baby, you’re the greatest!

Did you see KDOC’s “The Honeymooners” Marathon the other night?  The Great One, Jackie Gleason, played Bus Driver Ralph Kramden, with Art Carney as Ed Norton, the Sewer Worker.  And the thought of KEN Norton jr. coming back to UCLA makes us want to Ralph.

Norton was admittedly one of the best Linebackers, not just in UCLA History, but in the History of Football.  But he blew any chance of remaining a Hero to Bruin fans, when he went Benedict Arnold and accepted a non-paying position on Pete Carroll’s sc staff. 

That act in and of itself is MORE THAN ENOUGH to make us hate him.  MANY, MANY Bruin fans do not agree with that sentiment.  All those people can go F*ck themselves.  If YOU are one of those people, then you do not understand the entire point of this web site, and you need to log off right now.

This site is for people who understand the true meaning of The Rivalry.  For us, there are very few crimes worse than screwing over your school and all your fans by going to work for your Arch Rival, and competing in Athletics directly against your old school.

We don’t buy this crap about Norton having no choice, and having to look out for his personal interest.  He was a famous Super Bowl winner — He could have gone to lots of places.  As a UCLA Hero, you have an obligation to not go all O.J. and kill people, and to not go to O.J.U.  The Rivalry means EVERYTHING to lots and lots of people, and by switching sides, you become nothing more than a traitor to those people, who have supported you for your whole career.

But with Norton, there’s a lot more to it than that.  There are lots of rumors about Karl Dorrell not offering Norton a job, so he went to sc instead.  That is not true.  Norton could have had the same non-paying “job” at UCLA as he wound up accepting at usc.  After that, another UCLA offer came his way, but he was no longer interested.  He had already TURNED.

The proof is in the accounts of recruits who spurned him.  They spin tales of Norton and Carroll badmouthing UCLA in terms that we can’t repeat here.  It would make you just sick to hear an old Bruin trash UCLA like that.

There could be NOTHING WORSE than bringing this treasonous headcase to UCLA.  His only attribute is recruiting and molding thugs like Rey Maualuga into Unsportsmanlike Conduct Poster Boys.  The guys with whom he connects couldn’t get into UCLA anyway.  The best thing would be to let him stay in the cesspool, and hopefully be named repeatedly and prominently in the NCAA’s long-awaited indictments of sc’s Program Gone Wild.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE:  If you understand the Rivalry, and you don’t want that traitor allowed back into the Family, please sound off.  Write a letter to Dan Guerrero.  Fire off an e-mail to Rick Neuheisel.  At the very least, make a scathing post agreeing with us RIGHT HERE.  If enough people speak up and make it a full-blown controversy, Neuheisel will have no choice but to avoid Norton at all costs.

Even though Neuheisel now has his Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers Coach locked in for next year, we are still not feeling 100% safe from a Norton Trojan Horse Virus Infection.   What if Rick brings him in as a Recruiting guy, or a Special Teams Coach?  There are still plenty of ways that Norton could end up back in Westwood… unless public opinion prohibits it.



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  1. baldbruin Avatar

    I agree 100%. No to Norton! $cumbag traitor!!

  2. BruinSteveII Avatar

    Another great pun “SINGIN’ IN DeWAYNE”. Hope to see you and your camera (again) at UCLA football’s Spring Game.

    Love your website and keep up the great work you do.


  3. Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin…..