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Bad Mojo for JuJu —  Ex-trojan JuJu Smith-Schuster shows his true colors when he illegally blindsides and concusses an opponent, then stands over him taunting him, right before the paramedics rush on the field to immobilize and cart off the seriously-injured victim, as TV announcer Jon Gruden calls the act “sickening”

Trojans play dirty.  U$c recruits dirty players, they train them to play dirty, they reward them for playing dirty, they celebrate dirty play, and when they “graduate,” they continue to play dirty in the Pro’s.  With steroid-abusing freak Brian Cushing just getting off suspension, it was time for another ex-trojan to run with the baton, and last night, that dirty baton was passed on to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Playing for Pittsburgh on Monday Night, with the whole Country watching, Smith-Schuster disgusted all true Football fans, especially former Head Coach Jon Gruden.  And it wasn’t just the cheap shot, it was the gloating that really proved Smith-Schuster was a d-bag of the highest order.  During a play when a teammate was running the ball, Smith-Schuster sought out Cincinnati’s Vontaze Burfict, and blind-sided him with a completely illegal block, including brutal helmet-to-helmet contact.  Burfict went down immediately, and was obviously injured severely.  But that didn’t stop Smith-Schuster from standing over him, gloating and taunting him while he lied helpless and motionless on the ground.

It was so over-the-top, that the immediate flag for “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” was a gross understatement.  So ESPN announcer Jon Gruden who was calling the game live on TV called Smith-Schuster’s behavior “SICKENING.”  The game saw seven illegal hits that could have caused injury, prompting Gruden to say it was “disgusting and disturbing,” but it was Smith-Schuster’s CELEBRATION of his evil that really got to Gruden.  In fact, everyone watching that across the Nation now knows that Smith-Schuster is a dirty SCumbag, in a long line of dirty trojans.

The irony of the situation is that the victim himself, Vontaze Burfict from Arizona State, is one of the dirtiest players in all of Football, and has been disciplined for breaking the rules and trying to hurt people numerous times over his entire career.  Cinci seems to love these dirty, salvage-job head-cases, having also tried to mine something good out of Pacman Jones, and two trojans-in-trouble Rey Maualuga and Josh Shaw (the clown who faked a drowning).

It was Maualuga’s dirty shot at Pat Cowan a decade ago — and his teammates and Coaches celebrating it — that should have been a red flag to the Bengals to avoid trojans, but they missed the memo.  Also, you would think Carson Palmer sucking for Cinci for many years would keep them from picking up Troy-lettes, but they never learn, and continue to make risky selections, sacrificing integrity for supposed talent.  Current case-in-point:  Their star Running Back right now is Joe Mixon, who had already been in trouble with the law, for punching a woman.  More irony — Mixon got knocked out of this same Bengal-Steeler game, with a concussion of his own.

So you may say that it was Karma that Burfict finally got a taste of his own medicine.  Steeler Antonio Brown sure thought so, chanting “Karma, karma” at the end of the game, apparently in reference to Burfict.  But Karma works two ways, and now the Steelers will be without the suspended JuJu in their next game, which is an important Division match-up with Baltimore.  And without Smith-Schuster in the line-up, Antonio Brown will probably get double-covered throughout.

Shoplifting is abhorrent, but it’s not as bad as intentionally trying to paralyze someone, and celebrating in their face when you almost succeed.

"“SICKENING” SCUMBAG SMITH-SCHUSTER SUSPENDED" was published on December 5th, 2017 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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