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Admission of Guilt — On “Bruin Day 2019,” more college admission scandals are revealed and UCLA is not exempt, but it’s U$C that gets zinged by Saturday Night Live

“$500,000?? For USC????????” Saturday Night Live took a shot at Southern Cal tonight, as Kate McKinnon impersonated Lori Loughlin IN JAIL, getting questioned about: 1) Why she would waste $500K as a bribe to get her kid into college, and 2) WHY OH WHY would she spend that kind of dough for a lackluster education at an academic joke like u$c??

I haven’t been making too much fun of sc in regard to this academic scandal because UCLA was implicated too (although their involvement was much less than SC’s), and because I know Lori Loughlin and her husband personally, and I like them, so I don’t like seeing them dragged through the mud. But I have to hand it to SNL, who found a way to poke fun at the situation, while keeping it all in perspective. Loughlin was jailed, but then came out favorably compared to her “cell mates” Michael Avenatti and Julian Assange.

Meanwhile, another story was uncovered, involving UCLA allowing students into school based on donations from the parents. This is disgraceful, even if it is common all around the Country. I hope by shining a light on this issue, UCLA can get it under control. It was odd timing for this story to emerge today, because today was Bruin Day 2019. This is a day that is all about Bruin Pride, and love for our school. Despite the news, there is always one program at UCLA that always makes me beam with pride: Here are 44 more photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad from the event…

Come back soon for about 40 more.

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