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That’s a lot o’ ‘stings — As I Roast in this heatwave, watching the Bruce Willis Roast, I lift my glass in a Toast to the UCLA Spirit Squad, for whom I Host this site, Post their pics, and Boast about their eminence, while we Coast through the last month before Football season begins, and I get Ghosted by some people about whom I care the Most.

People are so busy these days — So much multi-tasking.  People think nothing of disappearing from a text exchange mid-conversation, without so much as a word of goodbye, gtg (got to go) or even ttyl (talk to ya later).  Then they never get back to you, and you don’t want to be a pest…  I hate this, and just can’t get used to it.  It may not be true “ghosting,” as in a significant other that is purposely terminating a relationship cold turkey, but I have a couple of work colleagues and one new acquaintance that I wish would re-connect with me, sometime soon.

Meanwhile, my other concern is to continue sharing the 600 previously unseen photos of the Bruin Spirit Squad from this past Fall’s Cal and Colorado games at the Rose Bowl.  So here are the next 49, with lots more coming soon.  I’m going in chronological order, so this batch just happens to be 96% Cheer Squad.  Enjoy them, and if you like Bruce Willis or Die Hard, I recommend the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis, which premiered last night, and was very funny, and raunchy, featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Edward Norton, Kevin Pollak, Cybill Shepherd, Martha Stewart, Nikki Glaser, Dennis Rodman, Jeff Ross, Dom Irrera, and more.

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