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(Tro-) Jan overboard! — New Dean (or Chairman, if you will) of u$c’s Keck Medical School, who replaced METH HEAD Dean Carmen Puliafito, resigns in shame after it is revealed that he has a history of sexual harassment (for which sc REWARDED him?)

They sure can pick ’em, can’t they?  The institution with no integrity has proved it once again, as another one bites the dust.  Eight months ago, u$c had to replace the former Dean of Medicine, Carmen Puliafito, who was exposed as a meth user and prostitute-enjoying scumbag.  So you would figure that they would pick someone above reproach, in order to save face.

But what did they do?  They hired Rohit Varma, whom they had already sanctioned for sexually harassing a female researcher.  Apparently, he forced her to share a room with him, back when he was a junior professor.  He threatened to have her visa revoked if she refused.  But here’s the really pathetic part:  u$c KNEW about this incident, and still promoted him to DEAN!

Back when it happened, they paid off the victim, fined the perp, cut his pay, and banned him from becoming a full professor.  But in the Land Without Integrity, all that discipline was swept under the rug, and they sang his praises as the department’s savior after the Meth & Hooker SCandal.

Who are they going to hire to replace Varma?  I hear O.J. is available.

"REARRANGING KECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC" was published on October 11th, 2017 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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