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The Nutcracker (Right in the Sugar Plums) — On a day when Pete Carroll’s Seahawks are eliminated before the Playoffs, Jack Del Rio is fired by the Raiders, and UCLA comes back from 14 down to beat the Huskies by 21, the most dramatic Rivalry news comes when trojan Chimezie Metu punches a Cougar in the balls

Are you convinced yet?  The trojans are dirty.  They recruit dirty, they coach dirty, and they play even dirtier.  Just watch the tape of Chimezie Metu from last night (New Year’s Eve), when u$c was blowing out Washington State.  A Cougar player got open for a three-point shot, and Chimezie Metu was late closing on him.  AFTER the shot was clearly out of the shooter’s hands, Metu finally approaches him.  As he does, he extends his arm, and punches the poor guy right smack in the scrotum.

Maybe players facing sc should start wearing cups to protect their privates, because when this guy got struck in the sack, he went down like a sack of potatoes, and the refs threw the SCumbag out of the game.  You may like to think that this was just an accident, or an isolated incident, but this is actually the THIRD separate time that Metu’s lack of integrity and class has been on display.  One time he Continue Reading »

SC SUCKS, 24-7 (…365)

Cotton Bawl — Trojan fans are crying as their team totally chokes in the Cotton Bowl to Ohio State 24-7; SC managed to score only once, after a muff gifted them the ball at the Buckeye 15-yard line, otherwise, over-rated QB Sam Darnold committed 3 Turnovers including a Pick 6, and allowed himself to be sacked EIGHT times, in a total blowout that allowed the OSU Offense to drive in cruise control for the entire second half

u$c started the season with National Title expectations, with a Heisman Favorite at the helm.  How did that work out for them?  Let’s just say that they failed to reach those expectations.  Miserably.  A shocking loss to Washington State, a nasty spanking at the hands of rival Notre Dame, and finally an annihilation in Prime Time to Ohio State makes the Championship dreams seem so ludicrous in retrospect.  And as far as that Heisman — Quarterback Sam Darnold DID lead the Country in one category:  Turnovers!  After his disastrous 3-Turnover performance in the 24-7 Cotton Bowl defeat, he ended the year with TWENTY-TWO giveaways.  NOT ONE SINGLE PLAYER in the entire Nation had more.

It is undetermined if Samantha will return to “school” for another go-round, or whether he will take a pay cut, and turn Pro early, where he might even be the first pick in the draft.  Of course, that honor is actually a curse this coming year, since the hapless Cleveland Browns own that pick.  Usually I would hope that Josh Rosen (assuming he declares for the Draft) gets selected prior to his trojan counterpart, but I would never wish that organization on someone I like, so now I’m rooting for Darnold to declare, and earn the love of Cleveland.  After all, Cleveland is where former trojan QB Cody Kessler went to die.

However, Sammy going #1 seems unlikely now.  Darnold was SO pathetic on Friday night, that he may decide to stay at SC, just to redeem himself after this debacle.  And if he does decide to come out anyway, Continue Reading »


High Spurts — UCLA travels to New Orleans and beats #7 Kentucky 83-75 in a game of runs, riding a 21-2 mid-game blitz to a 12-point, second half lead, and riding clutch play in crunch time from Aaron Holiday to hang on;  Holiday scores 20 despite SEVEN Turnovers, and Kris Wilkes adds 20 Points in the Bruins’ THIRD win over the Wildcats in the last 3 years

Happy Holiday.  There was NO L for the Bruins two days before Christmas, as Aaron Holiday and unranked UCLA stunned the #7 Wildcats — and the whole College Basketball World — 83-75.  No one expected the Bruins to win, especially after finding out in the last 24 hours that their two Freshmen embroiled in the China incident were now suspended for the entire year.  The Bruins figured to be depressed, tired from traveling, demoralized from losing to Michigan and Cincinnati and almost losing to South Dakota, not to mention being over-matched against a long, talented Kentucky squad.

But that’s not the way it played out.  Kentucky Coach John Calipari may have found a nemesis in Steve Alford, who has now beaten Cal’s Cats 3 times:  2015, 2016, and now 2017.  This latest victory actually avenges the loss to KY in last year’s Sweet 16, but still, Alford has won 3 of the last 5 head-to-head, with (arguably) a LOT less talent.

On Saturday, the Bruins got off to a good start, Continue Reading »


They will NOT turn this cheat around — Ex-trojan Football player Owen Hanson gets sentenced to 21 years in Federal Prison, after he laundered money, ran an illegal gambling ring, and sold millions of dollars of cocaine, heroin, meth and other drugs, including steroids and human growth hormones TO HIS TROJAN TEAMMATES; Meanwhile, Pete Carroll’s team gets fined $100,000 for violating concussion protocol, potentially risking brain damage to Russell Wilson.  Of course, Carroll denies it.

u$c will never change, and trojan fans will never grasp or admit the culture of cheating that has DEFINED their school for decades upon decades.  Now there is new proof that the disgraced 2004 trojan Football team was indeed up to their eyeballs in illegal steroids, but their fans will Deny On nonetheless.

Former trojan Footballer Owen “O-Dog” Hanson pled guilty last week to Federal crimes involving Gambling, Money Laundering, and Dealing every illegal drug you can think of.  O-Dog was a Drug Kingpin, who made millions as a modern-day Southern Cal SCarface.  But the most interesting and relevant aspect of this story is this FACT that has evolved:  Hanson sold illegal performance-enhancing drugs to his trojan teammates.  So 13 years ago, when I was telling anyone who would listen Continue Reading »


The tip is included — Thomas Welsh’s tip of an inbounds pass with 1.5 seconds left helps save UCLA from blowing a 24-point lead with 5 minutes to go, a lead built mainly by Thomas’ 19-11 Double-Double, and partially by a Welsh Rare bit of perimeter shooting, as the Bruins survive against South Dakota 85-82

Coming off consecutive losses, and facing a decent 11-3 South Dakota team, UCLA really needed a win in the friendly confines of Pauley Pavilion.  Unfortunately, those two defeats plus Winter Break for students caused the arena to be sparsely populated.  The lack of energy may have led to a lethargic first half by the Bruins, who got out-played and out-hustled by the 7-point underdog Coyotes, who led for much of the first half.  A beautiful buzzer-beating Three by Jaylen Hands cut the deficit to 3 at the Half.

During Intermission, Coach Steve Alford must have gotten through to his team, because they came out in the second half and finally started to gel.  Every facet of their game improved, especially passing and Defense.  The Coyotes went 10 minutes without a field goal while the Bruins outscored them by 27, taking a 24-point lead into the final 5 minutes of the game.  Thomas Welsh was clearly the star of the game, finishing with 11 Rebounds and 19 points, including 3 made Three-pointers.  But with the huge lead and the game apparently in hand, Alford took Welsh out to rest him and protect him against injury — since the Bruins’ next game is against Kentucky.

But it turned out to be too early to take Welsh out, as Dakota made a frenzied comeback.  Welsh came back in, but couldn’t stem the tide.  The ‘Yotes’ momentum continued, as they pressured the Bruins relentlessly, and the Bruins capitulated by turning the ball over, missing field goals and free throws.  The lead was down to 2 in the final seconds.  Hands made 1 of 2 free throws with 1.5 seconds left, allowing the ‘Yotes one last chance to tie.

But, it was Welsh to the rescue.  On Dakota’s inbounds pass attempt, Welsh barely got a fingertip on the ball, which caused the clock to start right then, instead of when the Coyote received the pass.  Thus, the clock ran out before they could get a shot off.  The Refs reviewed the play, because they didn’t see the tip, so they thought that the clock had started way too early.  First the refs put 1.5 seconds back on the clock and were going to let the teams replay it, but after 6 and a half minutes of review, Continue Reading »


Bad Mojo for JuJu —  Ex-trojan JuJu Smith-Schuster shows his true colors when he illegally blindsides and concusses an opponent, then stands over him taunting him, right before the paramedics rush on the field to immobilize and cart off the seriously-injured victim, as TV announcer Jon Gruden calls the act “sickening”

Trojans play dirty.  U$c recruits dirty players, they train them to play dirty, they reward them for playing dirty, they celebrate dirty play, and when they “graduate,” they continue to play dirty in the Pro’s.  With steroid-abusing freak Brian Cushing just getting off suspension, it was time for another ex-trojan to run with the baton, and last night, that dirty baton was passed on to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Playing for Pittsburgh on Monday Night, with the whole Country watching, Smith-Schuster disgusted all true Football fans, especially former Head Coach Jon Gruden.  And it wasn’t just the cheap shot, it was the gloating that really proved Smith-Schuster was a Continue Reading »


Hands free?  Ali! — UCLA, playing without injured Starting Point Guard Jaylen Hands, still brushes off the UCI Anteaters 87-63, thanks to a career-high 21 Points from Prince Ali, who started in place of Hands

It’s never easy to play a game when your floor leader is missing.  The Bruins started their game against Irvine on Sunday with Starting Point Guard Jaylen Hands in street clothes and a walking boot.  Apparently, the Freshman phenom rolled an ankle, so Prince Ali was inserted into the starting line-up.  Aaron Holiday ran the Offense as the Point Guard in Hands’ place, while Ali started at Shooting Guard, and Prince made the most of it.

Not only did Ali start the game with a 4-point play, he went on to lead all scorers with 21.  When the Anteaters fouled him on a 3-point shot at the very beginning of the game, it was an omen.  If a team makes that Cardinal Sin once, it’s just a fluke.  If they do it twice, it’s a sad coincidence.  But when they do it THREE times, it’s a sign of BAD COACHING, and bad discipline.  UCLA is lucky that on a day when they were without their floor general, Continue Reading »


Fisch and Chip — UCLA’s interim Head Coach Jedd Fisch has done a great job as Offensive Coordinator this year, but whether or not he is retained by the incoming Chip Kelly, UCLA will soon be scoring points in Chip-loads

Jedd Fisch will be just fine.  Even if Chip Kelly does not keep him on the Bruin staff next season, Fisch will land on his feet, like a fish without a bicycle.  He was up for the Head Coaching gig at Oregon State, but did not get that job.  He will probably end up as a Head Coach somewhere, sometime soon.

He did a fine job as the Bruins’ Offensive Coordinator this year, as the UCLA Offense usually put up plenty of points to win.  Of course, Fisch was able to do this thanks in part to having the best pure Quarterback in the Nation at his disposal.  Just like Bob Toledo’s Offense was prolific with Cade McNown at the helm, and Jim Mora was successful with Brett Hundley at the controls, we’ll never know for sure how much of Fisch’s success this year was due to Josh Rosen’s ungodly talent.  But what we DO know is that for the next five years (assuming Kelly stays for the length of his contract), UCLA will have no problem putting points on the board, with or without Rosen, who is expected to go Pro instead of coming back for his senior year.

Kelly’s Oregon powerhouses were less about the specific QB, and more about the SYSTEM.  First of all, the speedy PACE Continue Reading »


Money Modster — With Josh Rosen and many other walking wounded on the Bruin sidelines, UCLA’s backup QB Devon Modster — and record-setting WR Jordan Lasley — step up and lead the Bruins to 3 second half scores, including a J.J. Molson game-winning 37-yard Field Goal with 4 seconds left, to beat Cal 30-27

The Bruins are going Bowling.  It took a perfect Home record of 6-0, but after beating Cal at the Rose Bowl 30-27 on Saturday night, UCLA has ended the regular season at 6-6, which qualifies them for post-season play.

It wasn’t easy getting that last W, as the Golden Bears gave the injury-decimated Bruin line-up all it could handle.  It took a mighty effort from UCLA’s 3 “usual suspect” heroes and one totally unexpected hero.  Josh Rosen was his usual stellar self in the first half, going 13-18 for 202 yards and 2 TD’s, the second of which went to stud Receiver Jordan Lasley to make it 17-6.  But Rosen took a tumble right before halftime, and his head may have been jarred by the turf, because as a subsequent precaution, interim Head Coach Jedd Fisch held him out of the second half.

Replacing Rosen after the intermission was Devon Modster, whose first series was inauspicious.  But Modster settled down, and started to gel with the Offense, Continue Reading »


Traitor No’s — Rumors have UCLA considering turncoat Ken Norton, Jr. and trojan Jeff Fisher as potential Head Football Coaches.  If either of these repulsive choices is selected, I will immediately shut down this website and renounce my support of the UCLA Football Program

Ken Norton, Jr. was an amazing Bruin Linebacker, and an even more Prolific Pro Linebacker, earning THREE Super Bowl rings.  His dad, Ken Norton, Sr., was a World Class boxer, who got hypnotized by Dr. Michael Dean, and then broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw in a Heavyweight Title fight.  I was a big fan of the Norton’s.  I even liked Ed Norton from “The Honeymooners,” and Edward Norton from “Primal Scream,” who got robbed for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, due to a catch phrase:  Cuba Gooding’s “Show Me the Money.”  So…

When Ken Norton, Jr. spit on his Bruin ties by becoming an Assistant Coach for u$c, it was the proverbial knife in the back.  It doesn’t matter one iota that he wanted to Coach at his alma mater UCLA, but wasn’t offered a job.  There are 300 other schools he could have tried.  He didn’t have to screw over an entire legion of Bruin Norton fans by accepting a role at our crosstown rival, and then attacking UCLA at every turn.  He turned to the Dark Side, and it consumed him, as evidenced by his joy when Continue Reading »


Mora Tyranny — The Reign of Jim Mora is over, after an auspicious start and subsequent collapse, and his mid-November firing indicates the Bruins may be going after Chip Kelly, who may or may not meet the standards of UCLA Chancellor Gene Block

In a shocking move in the aftermath of a tough loss to u$c, UCLA has fired Head Football Coach Jim Mora.  Mora started out great in Westwood, but his last two teams have not lived up to the promise shown early in the Mora Era.  Lots of injuries caused much of the problem, but that shined a light on a lack of depth, which was Mora’s responsibility.  Mora’s hiring of the TROJAN Kennedy Polamalu as Offensive Coordinator was one of the stupidest Coaching decisions in the history of Sports, and ultimately led to the end of Mora’s tenure at UCLA.  Mora’s hiring of Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley, who may have been complicit in the Penn State scandal, was also questionable, and Bradley’s Defense was historically bad against the Run this year, so those two hires, plus all the injuries and lack of depth, added up to a regime change.

I was NOT rooting for Mora to be terminated.  I like him in general, and do not have faith that Dan Guerrero will upgrade the position with the subsequent hire.  I would have been okay with 2018 being Mora with a new Defensive Coordinator.  But if the Bruins are able to land an elite Coach for next year, then I will have no issue with the change.  At the top of the list is Chip Kelly, who turned Oregon into a National powerhouse a few years back, even reaching the National Title game.

Kelly’s hurry-up Spread Offense revolutionized the Sport.  If he can bring that speed to UCLA, the Bruins would likely be a Playoff contender within 3 years.  But there are a couple of hurdles: Continue Reading »


Holy Bat, man — Led by the Dynamic Duo of Rosen and Lasley (204 yards and 3 TD’s), UCLA out-plays, out-gains, and out-converts u$c, but gets a fumble recovery overturned, and a Touchdown and crucial 3rd down stop nullified, plus several passes BAT-ted down, so they end up caving 28-23

UCLA finally played a decent game on the road, but it was not enough to overcome the trojans and their refs, as the Bruins lose 28-23, and fall to an (im)perfect 0-6 on the road.  When was the last time a UCLA team failed to win a single game outside of Pasadena?

This game was only about 10 miles away from home, but the result was the same.  Even though the Bruins finally stopped an opponent’s running game, and stifled them on 3rd Downs, they couldn’t get that elusive Road victory.

UCLA outgained the trojans 501 to 417, including Josh Rosen’s 421 yards passing.  204 of those throwing yards went to Jordan Lasley, who scored all 3 of the Bruins’ TD’s.  Lasley could have gone down in history as the new J.J. Stokes, had the Bruins been able to pull this one out.

And pull it out they almost did.  Not only did they tally more Total Offense, they also won Continue Reading »

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