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Nightmare Gynecologist — Yet another longtime u$c employee has been exposed for sexual abuse, and the University knew about it for decades and did nothing

[NOTE:  Please assume, for legal reasons, everything claimed in this article must be perceived as ALLEGED behavior]

It’s not just the u$c Athletic Department.  It’s the ENTIRE institution.  It has been reported that longtime u$c Gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall has been sexually abusing u$c students, especially young Chinese girls, SINCE THE 90’S, and u$c KNEW about it and never turned him in to authorities.  This is the second time in a year that sc has been implicated in a sexual abuse SCandal — Recently their DEAN OF MEDICINE Carmen Puliafito was also disgraced with tales of drug abuse, prostitutes, and unwanted sexual advances.

u$c is FINALLY admitting now that it SHOULD have reported this (second) demented creep to law enforcement and the California Medical Board, but failed do do so.  The abuse and complaints have cascaded in since the 1990’s, but sc waited until 2016 to finally cut ties with this monster.  Apparently, u$c is more concerned with their own image and reputation than the dignity and safety of hundreds of innocent, sexually vulnerable students.

Tyndall took photos of girls’ vaginas for no medical reason.  He touched then sexually, as opposed to medically, sliding two Continue Reading »


WALK THIS WAY… right to jail — Ex-trojan Linebacker Jabari Ruffin, already infamous for STOMPING on an Alabama player’s crotch, is now incarcerated for FELONY ASSAULT with a DEADLY WEAPON, after “allegedly” attacking one WOMAN with a metal broom handle and threatening ANOTHER WOMAN with a SHOTGUN in a separate incident

Train keeps a rollin’ —  It’s the Same Old Song and Dance for usc, as yet another former trojan Football player gets arrested for a Felony.  Jabari’s Got a Gun.  A shotgun, to be specific, and allegedly, he recently used it to threaten a woman in Downey this past April.  And that was the SECOND woman whom Ruffin allegedly assaulted this Spring.  In March, he went after a different girl, with a metal broomstick.

It should come as no surprise that Jabari has wound up in jail.  In 2016, he showed his criminal true colors, when he violently and sadistically cleat-stomped the groin of a Crimson Tide player. It takes a real special kind of SCumbag to do something like this, totally unprovoked.  Of course, when usc saw the tape, all they did was suspend him for the first half of the next game, basically CONDONING this barbaric if not psychopathic behavior.  It took a separate “student conduct” issue a month later to finally get Ruffin kicked off the team.

Ruffin, who just got his license as a Security Guard (!), is behind bars, being held on $130,000 bail.  $130,000?  Too bad his lawyer isn’t Michael Cohen!  The Continue Reading »


The Mother of all College Spirit Auditions —  As a Mothers Day present to everyone, here are 26 photos from the UCLA Cheer/Dance Tryouts, where, during the interview portion, multiple participants praised their Moms as the major factor in their development, success, and happiness

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out their, including my own.  What we owe our Mothers is incalculable.  It is hard to put into words, but several of the students trying out for the UCLA Spirit Squad last week made a gallant effort to do just that.

The UCLA Spirit selection process includes an interview portion.  This is a crucial facet of the annual event, as it allows the judges to make sure that the Squad is limited to girls who are intelligent, articulate, poised, humble, natural, authentic, and generally down-to-earth.  It helps to weed out any ditzy, phony or conceited students — further obliterating the cliched cheerleader stereotype.  During this section of the day/night, many applicants lauded their Mothers when asked about their best teachers, the most influential people in their lives, and their closest friends with whom they would want to share first about the audition.  Dance Team Katy (pictured above) gave such a heartfelt testimonial to her Mom — who was present at the event — that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when she was done.

So in honor of all the Cheer Moms and the children who love them, here is a small mother lode FROM THE CHEER SQUAD portion of the auditions, Continue Reading »


Succession of success — On the same day the Bruin Women’s Beach Volleyball Team won UCLA’s 116th NCAA Championship, the members of the Nation’s #1 Spirit Squad were anointed for the coming year

UCLA:  Champions Made Here.  That slogan was never more true than on last Sunday, when UCLA won their unsurpassed 116th NCAA Championship WHILE at the very same time, over 30 students EARNED their way onto the unparalleled UCLA Spirit Squad.

UCLA’s 116th NCAA Title was the FIRST for the Women’s Beach Volleyball Team, who had to win FOUR straight matches on the final two days of the competition, including a win over usc on Saturday, and a win over Florida State in the Title Match on Sunday.

That Championship victory on Sunday was announced moments after it happened, in the Student Activity Center on UCLA’s campus, where the Spirit Squad Auditions were being held.  Perhaps that Continue Reading »


Monster Mash-up — The Box Office Smash 2018-19 UCLA Dance Team will consist of 4 Superhero returnees plus 7 new Wonder Women.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

If you are just tuning in:  I am not neglecting the illustrious UCLA Cheer Squad;  The PRECEDING article is all about the Cheer Squad, and includes 30 pics.  THIS article here is a celebration of the UCLA Dance Team.

RETURNING for another glorious tour of duty are Dance Teamers Jordie, Sydney, Emily, and of course, Katy, who seems like a permanent fixture (and that’s NOT a complaint).  JOINING those superstars are brand new members Alicia, Audrey, Claudia, Madison, Makena, Sarah, and Valeria, who recently seemed like a permanent fixture at the auditions.  Valeria is a living tribute to perseverance, ultimately making the Dance Team on her third try.  I am SO happy for her.  That takes a lot of guts and a lot of “never say die” spirit that I admire.

I’m not sure if any of the other new girls have also tried multiple times — Continue Reading »


Cuties on the Q.T. — No Quentin Tarantino bloodshed, as the UCLA Cheer Squad stays mostly intact, with all eight returnees at the Sunday matinee audition making the final cut, and two new teammates — Samantha (#5) and Chloe (#11) filling the slate

After the last few auditions, I have learned to take NOTHING for granted.  After the last couple of try-outs, I have whined emotionally about squad members who tried to return but were thwarted on the final day.  This year, the planets seemed to be back in alignment.  Now I’m not sure about squad veterans who may have been cut BEFORE Sunday, but on THIS final day, all the returnees in attendance survived the process.  That’s 8 girls on the Cheer Squad, and 4 on the Dance Team.

There were only 12 girls participating during the Cheer Squad segment, which means that 2 new applicants did not make it.  I am sad for both of them, as they both seemed worthy of Continue Reading »


Check please!  This is the final batch of UCLA Spirit Squad photos before this weekend’s Auditions

Although I still have a ton of yet-unposted photos from a couple of last season’s games, this collection is the last of the usc game shots, and the last spread I will share before Sunday’s Auditions.

After Sunday, I will post pics taken at the actual try-outs.  When I exhaust that treasure trove, I will go back and edit and post more photos from the Cal and Colorado games from last Fall.  So today’s article is the last chance to see the current squad in action, for a while.

So enjoy, and savor, and come back Monday to see the new additions, and then Continue Reading »


Check it out — Only three days left before UCLA Spirit Squad Auditions, which means we are on the last leg of the current members’ tour of duty

It is always difficult to say goodbye to your favorite UCLA Cheerleaders, after getting to know them for twelve months — or up to four years.  Of course many of them will audition again on Sunday and possibly return to the squad, but several of them will be graduating, or just moving on in their lives, due to heavy academic workloads and the like.

So please savor these photos, and Continue Reading »


Final score:  UCLA 5, U$C 4 — After Josh Rosen and Kolton Miller get selected in the 1st Round, UCLA sees three more players get drafted on Day 3 (Kenny Young, Scott Quessenberry, and Jordan Lasley), while no trojans get picked

The 2018 NFL Draft is now complete, and has seen FIVE Bruins get selected.  Five is not a bad number.  Of course Alabama had 11 draftees, and a handful of schools had 6 or 7, but u$c had only 4, and for the first time ever, NONE on Day 3 (Rounds 4-7).

The biggest trojan letdown was Wide Receiver and early entry Deontay Burnett, who was invited to the NFL combine, but obviously, failed to impress.  His fellow WR Steven Mitchell also plummeted all the way off the Draft Board.  In fact, a total of SIX trojans who thought they would be drafted, weren’t.  Of course they were all Continue Reading »


Cardinal Win — The NFL’s Phoenix-area franchise Arizona Cardinals use the 10th pick of the Draft to replace failing ex-trojan QB Carson Palmer, who just mercifully retired, with Bruin Josh Rosen, in an effort to rise from the ashes and break their 68-year Championship Drought — the longest in all of North American Sports

There are lots of hot tubs in Arizona, and now there’s likely to be one more, as the Arizona Cardinals have selected UCLA’s Josh Rosen in the NFL Draft.  Josh went in the 1st Round, as the 10th overall pick, after, as Josh put it, “nine mistakes.”

Rosen wasn’t happy about falling to the 10th position, but he should be happy.  The first player chosen — also a Quarterback — was Baker Mayfield, who has to play for the Browns now.  Cleveland also had the 4th pick, so Rosen shouldn’t be upset about avoiding Cleveland.  And the only other Continue Reading »


Spring-a-ling-a-ding-dong — Nothing new to say today, just 52 more UCLA Football and Spirit Squad photos from the Spring Scrimmage

No stinging commentary;  Just springing up with the next batch of photos from the UCLA Football Spring Showcase.  Please enjoy, and Continue Reading »


Not a circus any more — With lots of P.T. at stake in the UCLA Football Spring Showcase Scrimmage, Ringleader Kelly is getting everyone serious about becoming “The Greatest Show on Earth,” but for now, that title applies more to the UCLA Spirit Squad

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room — Even a great Coach can’t take a not-as-great roster and immediately turn them into National Champions.  But he can definitely show everyone what is certain to come.  If fundamentals improve, and schemes are innovative, and defenses are kept off-balance, good things are bound to happen, and the future brightens.  As recruiting escalates over the next year or two, the sky becomes the limit, and UCLA Football becomes elite.

Speaking of elite, the UCLA Spirit Squad has been unarguably elite for over a decade at least.  Here are the next 53 cheer photos from Saturday’s event, today mostly featuring the UCLA Dance Team.  Still lots more pics coming soon, Continue Reading »

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