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Again, I apologize for being so busy.  It looks like I will miss the next two home games.  Travesty of justice, but it’s for a good cause:  My actual career.

Speaking of good causes, someone (not me) has designed a UCLA/sc T-shirt, and is donating the profits to the Red Cross for hurricane relief, etc.

Go Bruins.


Third time not the charm — #3 Josh Rosen throws 3 Interceptions leading to UCLA’s 3rd loss of the season

UCLA traveled to Arizona this weekend, and as a 2-point favorite, against a team that usually beat, they couldn’t get it done, losing 47-30, falling to 3-3 on the season.  Usually consistent Josh Rosen, who always throws for over 300 yards, managed only 219, and zero TD’s.  And it was his 3 INT’s that really killed him — 2 in the Red Zone, plus another one that resulted in a Pick 6.  He also got sacked 5 times.

The Bruin Defense was equally to blame, giving up 457 rushing yards, including 234 to the Quarterback.  About the only bright spot for UCLA was a rare 100-yard rushing effort:  Bolu Olorunfunmi gained 102 yards on only 10 carries including 2 TD’s.

Sorry for this truncated summary, and for no photos.  I am currently Continue Reading »


(Tro-) Jan overboard! — New Dean (or Chairman, if you will) of u$c’s Keck Medical School, who replaced METH HEAD Dean Carmen Puliafito, resigns in shame after it is revealed that he has a history of sexual harassment (for which sc REWARDED him?)

They sure can pick ’em, can’t they?  The institution with no integrity has proved it once again, as another one bites the dust.  Eight months ago, u$c had to replace the former Dean of Medicine, Carmen Puliafito, who was exposed as a meth user and prostitute-enjoying scumbag.  So you would figure that they would pick someone above reproach, in order to save face.

But what did they do?  They hired Rohit Varma, whom they had already sanctioned for sexually harassing a female researcher.  Apparently, he forced her to share a room with him, back when he was a junior professor.  He threatened to have her visa revoked if she refused.  But here’s the really pathetic part: Continue Reading »


All Hands on Deck — Bruin Freshman Jaylen Hands impresses the crowd at Venice Beach, as do the rest of his teammates, the Bruin Women’s Team, and the UCLA Spirit Squad, but it’s Hands’ dunk jumping over Coach Steve Alford that Hands him the Dunk Contest Title

What a slamming day in sun-slammed Venice Beach!  On Saturday, UCLA and Under Armour staged a fun event where fans got to see a 3-on-3 street ball tournament, and then got their first look at the new UCLA Basketball Teams, spiced up nicely with appearances by members of the UCLA Spirit Squad.

The prelim tourney was made up of coed trios playing halfcourt ball.  After that, 8 members of the UCLA Dance Team plus some members of the Cheer Squad and Yell Crew and Joe & Josie performed several routines, backlit by the infernal October Sun.  Then the UCLA Women’s Team executed drills, and then the Men’s team did the same.  Finally, the fun and COED games ensued, including fans, with a skills contest, a group super-shot game, a three-point shooting contest, and a dunk contest.  We also got another bonus performance by the Spirit Squad!

Aaron Holiday won the Three-Point Shooting Contest, with Thomas Welsh also making a good Continue Reading »


Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty… good — After a 6-year hiatus, Curb Your Enthusiasm finally had its long-awaited premiere tonight, as did the 29th season of The Simpsons, while O.J. Simpson made his long-dreaded return to society (Two steps forward, one step back)

Larry David is a neurotic genius.  His humor may skew older than a lot of you, and you might think he’s just nuts.  But I relate to him.  The things that make him nuts drive me crazy too.  So the return of the popular HBO series was highly anticipated in my house, and it didn’t disappoint.  Meanwhile, the show that never dies started up again tonight, as The Simpsons began season TWENTY-NINE.  Tonight’s episode was just ok, unless you are a big fan of Game of Thrones and that Fantasy genre.  Even though it wasn’t my personal favorite episode, I am glad it is still running, and hope it never does die.

If there is a Simpson who deserves to die, it might be O.J., who was released from prison today.  He plans on living in Florida, so at least Brentwood and L.A. will be safe from his killer instinct.  I am not really wishing that he die — I would prefer it if he found Jesus and CONFESSED all his sins.

In the NFL today, Bruin Myles Jack Continue Reading »


Great White > Buffaloes — On White Out Night at the Rose Bowl, Josh Rosen leads the white-clad Bruins over Colorado 27-23 with 372 yards Passing, while the improved Bruin defense holds the Buffs to 4-for-16 on 3rd Downs to help UCLA to rise to 3-2 on the season (and 3-0 at home)

Josh Rosen may not like Donald Trump or Trump’s all-white White House, but Rosen did just fine in his all-white uniform, on White Out Night at the Rose Bowl.  For the 5th time in a row — that’s every game this year — Rosen has thrown for over 350 yards.  On Saturday night against Colorado, Rosen aired it out for 372 yards and a Touchdown to Austin Roberts, as UCLA outlasted the Buffaloes 27-23.

Rosen had led UCLA to a 21-10 lead early in the 2nd Half, but Colorado came back and made it 21-20.  The pressure was on, and Rosen came through just enough to get the W.  He orchestrated two drives that culminated in Field Goals, making it 24-20, and ultimately, 27-23.  Although he was again victimized by a lack of a running game, and by dropped passes, he DID get a lot of support from Jordan Lasley (7 receptions for 146 yards) and Darren Andrews (8 for 98).  The Bruins also had 2 short TD runs, by Jalen Starks and Soso Jamabo.

The Bruin Defense was missing both of their Freshmen Phenoms, with Jaelan Phillips still out with injury, and Darnay Holmes getting ejected for targeting, but even without those stars, they still held the Buffs to only 10 points in the first half, then only 2 field goals in the final 22 minutes.  And after the Bruins’ final field goal with 26 seconds left, the UCLA Defense sealed it by denying a buzzer-beating hail mary.

The Defense was far from perfect, allowing 434 Total Yards, but was stronger on 3rd Downs, stopping the Buffs on 12 of 16 tries.  They were also stronger with their backs to the wall, forcing 3 33-yard field goals.  The one playcall that kept frustrating the Bruins was Continue Reading »


The Falk Is Our Star — What the Falk happened to the vaunted trojans??  #5 (not for long) u$c gets upset by Washington State 30-27, as Cougar QB Luke Falk totally outshines troy QB Sam Darnold, who fumbles the game away on the final drive

For 3 hours, TV viewers had to listen to two ESPN announcers singing the praises of over-rated trojan Quarterback Sam Darnold.  The clueless broadcasters made misinformed comments all night, and missed calls which they never explained.  But the main theme of their agenda-driven drivel was trumpeting the “clutch-ness” of Darnold.  Darnold is so cool under pressure, he always comes through when the chips are down, he always gets it done, he knows how to win…  And then with less than two minutes to play and the trojans in need of just a field goal to tie the game, Darnold chokes away the game, as the announcers choke on their words of praise.

Darnold, who threw for only a measly 164 yards, with no TD’s and his 8th Interception in 5 games, was trying to avoid the rush, and weakly made an arm motion Continue Reading »


Whiteout Power — This Saturday night the Bruins and their fans will wear white at home and some people don’t like this break from tradition

Blue & Gold lives matter.  UCLA has the best-looking HOME uniforms in the Country.  The medium blue and gold combination is striking.  Samsung uses them in their commercial for their new big screen TV’s to demonstrate how vivid the colors look on it.

But on this Saturday, the Bruins will wear white, which is almost always the VISITING team color.  All the fans are encouraged to wear white as well, to turn the Rose Bowl White.  Sounds like a certain Continue Reading »


Kneel Diamond — The issue of the day is getting too much publicity already (so why not add more?),  and it’s all based on a misunderstanding

I hate to get political, but…

Sometimes, I don’t like something, but I still have to admit that it should not be banned.  I would PREFER it if everyone would stand for the National Anthem.  Why?  Because too many people MISINTERPRET the meaning of the kneeling.  Of course I recognize that there is severe inequality in the Country, including how justice is meted out.  And of course, I respect the right of people to peacefully protest this issue, in a way that brings attention to it.  Unfortunately, too many people see kneeling during the anthem as a slight against the flag, and against the military, and against the Country itself.

None of that is accurate.  The people kneeling do NOT dislike our servicemen and women of the armed forces, and they do not hate the flag.  They are just trying to bring attention to a long-time problem, which deserves attention.  Now that this kneeling issue has garnered so much publicity, maybe the protest can shift, away from the actual anthem, so that Continue Reading »


Bland on the Run — U$C Assistant Basketball Coach and “Elite Recruiter” Tony Bland is ARRESTED by the FBI for bribery, wire fraud, and paying players

“Welcome to the party, pal!”  For all of you deniers and skeptics who have scoffed at me for the last 40 years as I have repeatedly insisted that USC runs a dirty and corrupt athletic department, now you have some hard evidence, on tape.  Proof positive, supplied by none other than the FEDS.  The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has finally gotten involved, and quickly targeted and nailed USC for not just NCAA violations, but serious Federal Crimes that have already led to arrests.

Ten different people around the Country got busted by this FBI sting, where undercover agents posed as parties interested in exploiting basketball recruits for thousands and thousands of dollars.  Four of those ten were Basketball assistant coaches involved in recruiting, including a guy at the University of Arizona, and Tony Bland of the University of Southern California.

Bland was caught by wiretap, taking bribes, calling the corrupt, illegal situation a “goldmine,” and guaranteeing that he can manipulate players into signing with whatever agents or representatives Bland chooses.  And Bland was choosing based on the big money KICKBACKS these people were showering him with.

Bland has already been placed on administrative leave, and sc has hired an investigation firm to look into these allegations.  One of their current recruits is involved, Continue Reading »


…but Eddie V. offends and his Oakland Defense bends — Bruin great and previously forgotten Jaguar Tight End Marcedes Lewis scores three Touchdowns in Jacksonville’s 44-7 triumph, then former Bruin Eddie Vanderdoes chooses to not mention UCLA in his primetime TV intro (maybe due to how bad the Bruin Defense was the night before), then Eddie’s Raider Defense proceeds to get shredded in a loss to Washington

Remember Marcedes Lewis?  He was a total stud Tight End for UCLA about a dozen years ago.  He was a part of the great Drew Olson/Maurice Jones-Drew 2005 team that completed some miraculous comebacks.  In fact, Mo even CREDITS Lewis for making Jones-Drew such a prolific Running Back.  Well, Lewis had some good years for the lowly Jaguars, but was eventually drafted over, and relegated to the bench.  That may change now, after Sunday’s game in London, because Lewis caught three Touchdown passes from Blake Bortles in a 44-7 trouncing of the Ravens.  Good for Lewis, to survive the rigors of the NFL, Continue Reading »


[Not Stanford, but fitting.]

I never sausage a thing — Meating a team playing without their starting Steer-er (QB), the un-beefy UCLA Defense still manages to get butchered for 405 yards on the ground and 7 Touchdowns, including 3 by the back-up Running Back, in a 58-34 pulverizing in the Stanford Stadium Slaughterhouse, for the Bruins’ 10th straight loss to the Cardinal

Chalk this one up to Defense.  Bad Defense.  REALLY bad Defense.  Against a team that just lost to San Diego State, scoring only 17 against the Aztecs, WITH their starting Quarterback.  That was a week ago.  Then Stanford faces their favorite doormat, UCLA, loses their starting QB in the first quarter, but still scores FIFTY-EIGHT points against the Bruins.  Something is wrong at UCLA, and the blame falls squarely on the Defense.

The Offense was far from perfect, and made a dozen mistakes that could have made the game more interesting.  There was a dropped Touchdown pass, at least three other dropped passes, penalties, three or four fumbles (two lost), two Interceptions, less-than-stellar pass protection, and some errant throws.  But compared to the Defense, the Offense looked All-American.  Once again, Quarterback Josh Rosen tallied Heisman-level stats, going 40-for-60 for 480 yards and 3 TD’s.  Receivers Jordan Lasley and Caleb Wilson each caught 11 passes for 158 and 145 yards, with Lasley, Darren Andrews, and Eldridge Massington snatching TD receptions.  And even the Running Game rose from dormancy, with the return of Soso Jamabo.  In defiance of the TV announcer mispronouncing his name as “Jamobo” for half the game, Soso gained 100 yards Rushing on 12 carries, including a long of 49 and a Touchdown run.

You would think that all of that, accounting for 34 points, might be enough to at least compete with a team that put up a total of 17 against San Diego State last week.  But the Bruins Continue Reading »

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