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Kelly/Kelley-Kelley-Kelley Blue Look – Chip Kelly gets his first win for UCLA, as his Run First Offense featuring Joshua Kelley (157 yards, 3 TD’s) capitalizes on 5 Cal Turnovers to break the Bruin Bagel with a long-time-coming 37-7 victory

The Bruins had lost all 5 games this year, and had lost 12 straight Road games, but on Saturday, they finally put all that behind them, with a convincing 37-7 triumph over the Cal Golden Bears.  The road to respectability was long and hard, but the signs were there.  Starting Running Back Joshua Kelley had run for over 100 yards in each of the last two games, and last week, that led to a tight contest against Nationally-Ranked Washington.

The improvement finally got the Bruins a W, as the UCLA Offensive Line opened many running lanes for Kelley on Saturday, allowing him to amass career-highs of 157 Yards and 3 Touchdowns.  The Bruins took a 7-0 lead, Continue Reading »


Bruins “improve” to 0-5 — When’s the last time UCLA BEAT THE SPREAD by 2 Touchdowns and the fans still left unhappy?  Bruins play better than they have been playing, holding a good Washington team to a 31-24 win, but it still leaves the Blue and Gold shockingly winless after 5 games

Ok, first of all, if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been working 3 jobs, including a movie on which I’m putting in about 90 hours a week.  So no time to edit photos.  But it’s a good year to be too busy, because I don’t ever remember UCLA being so unsuccessful.

Even though the Bruins are definitely getting better, they still never gave me the feeling that they were going to win on Saturday.  Washington Quarterback Jake Browning was just too savvy, and talented.  Whenever he really needed a first down, if he couldn’t find a Receiver, he scrambled just past the first down marker.  And he had a lead to work with, after victimizing Continue Reading »


Bad-bye Mr. Chips — Even with Chip Kelly’s 0-3 Bruins getting the week off, it’s still a painful weekend for Bruin fans, as 11 NFL Bruins are on rosters of 6 teams that all get UPSET as Favorites, including the 17-point favorite Vikings, plus Josh Rosen’s Cardinals blow a 14-point lead, with Rosen throwing an Interception to ice it

This might have been the worst weekend ever for Bruins in the Pro’s, as well as for gamblers who like to bet on Favorites.  SIX different NFL Favorites lost today.  I don’t mean that they failed to cover the point spread, I mean they LOST, outright.  And on those 6 teams, there are no less than ELEVEN Bruins on those rosters, who have to suffer the pain of getting upset.

The biggest shocker was in Minnesota, where the undefeated Vikings were installed as 17-point favorites over the winless Buffalo Bills and their green Rookie QB Josh Allen.  The Vikings were so confident that they rested their Star Running Back and Star Defensive End, both of whom had MINOR injuries and would have played if the team thought it necessary (or if it were the Playoffs).  That complacency led to the flattest team I have ever seen.

Buffalo dominated the game from the outset.  Viking QB Kirk Cousins looked like he bet the Bills Money Line, as he lost two fumbles in the first quarter!  Buffalo was up 17-0 before all the fans had taken their seats, and cruised to a 27-6 laugher.  Buffalo’s first drive was sustained by a stupid Minnesota penalty on a 3rd down, and then aided by another one:  a Facemask by Bruin Anthony Barr.  Later, Barr was posterized by Allen, who HURDLED Barr on a QB run for a first down.  I have NEVER seen Barr look this bad.  Barr and his fellow Bruin teammates Eric Kendricks and Kevin McDermott won’t get any sleep tonight, lamenting on the worst team performance of the year.

Myles Jack and Eli Ankou of Jacksonville don’t deserve a peaceful night either, after the Jaguars choked at home against the underdog Titans, 9-6.  Of course the real blame falls on the Offense (Jack and Ankou are Defensive players), but the Jags couldn’t stop a gimpy Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry when it mattered.

Matthew Slater’s Patriots lost their second straight, this time in Detroit to the underdog and previously 0-2 Lions, 26-10.  Kenny Clark and Marcedes Lewis play for Green Bay, who lost as Favorites in Washington, 31-17.  Ka’imi Fairbairn nailed 3 Field Goals, but his favored Texans got beat at home by the lowly Giants, 27-22.  Tak McKinley was inactive, but he and Logan Paulsen and the Falcons lost at home to the underdog Saints, 43-37 in Overtime.

That is SIX teams that were supposed to win, that didn’t.  That is pretty unusual.  Arizona was NOT expected to win, that is, until they took a 14-0 lead against Chicago, behind starting Quarterback Sam Bradford.  But then the Bears came back, capitalizing on 3 Bradford turnovers.  So with just about 4 minutes to go in the game, trailing by 2, the Cardinals finally turned to Josh Rosen to bring them back.

Rosen threw a few good passes, driving the Cards into position for a game-winning Field Goal, until a heavy rush pressured him into an underthrow that got intercepted.  NOT an auspicious first NFL drive for the former Bruin Star.  He got one more chance with 40 seconds left, and after he threw a Pick Six that was negated by a penalty, he ran out of time before they could get into Field Goal range.

Rosen actually threw a few great balls, and hopefully he will be handed the reins from the outset next week, but today, his first game was still part of a brutal loss, making 7 brutal losses, for 12 Bruin Pro’s, in games that at one point they all were expected to win.

Add to this sc’s lucky win over WSU on Friday, on a blocked Field Goal, and this whole weekend was almost as bad as the last three when the current Bruins got whipped.  That’s four straight miserable weekends.  It doesn’t help that I got knocked out of my $10,000 Suicide Pool in its very FIRST week, by relying on Minnesota and Jacksonville to win.  Of the 110 entrants in the pool, about 85 of them got eliminated, by taking the Vikes, Jags, and Pats.  I also got into a car accident this week.  Not my fault, no major injury, but $7,000 damage to my beloved vehicle.  Can things get any worse?

From misery to ecstasy — Here are 32 more photos of the UCLA Dance Team from the Fresno game.


Duck treason!  Rabid Trees, Son! — Daffy Ducks choke away a 17-point second-half lead at home, thanks to two late lost fumbles in 38-31 Overtime loss to Stanford

The #20 Oregon Ducks — Chip Kelly’s old team — had #7 Stanford on the ropes.  Oregon had a 24-7 lead in the 3rd quarter, AT HOME in Eugene’s raucous Autzen Stadium, when they apparently scored another Touchdown to make it 30-7.  But the Touchdown was reversed, correctly, when replays showed the Oregon ballcarrier kick the pylon, which is out of bounds, before the ball crossed the goalline.

No problem, right?  The ball was placed at the one-yard line, so the Ducks were still about to ice the game.  But a fumble on first down that lost 9 yards led to another fumble on third down, which was recovered by Stanford and returned for an 80-yard Touchdown.

Then with 51 seconds left and a 3-point lead, all Oregon had to do was run a few plays, but they fumbled again, and the Trees recovered.  Stanford kicked a Field Goal as time expired to force Overtime.  In the O.T., Stanford scored on a 23-yard TIPPED TD pass.  Oregon had 4 chances to tie from the 10-yard line, but there was an uncalled pass interference penalty, and then a fourth down Interception to end the remarkable collapse — or “comeback” if you are a Tree fan.  Was this Oregon’s tribute to their old Coach?  Continue Reading »


Trojans escape justice — A vicious helmet-to-helmet targeting by Porter Gustin goes uncalled, allowing u$c to block a Field Goal and eke out a 39-36 win over WSU

Trojan Linebacker Porter Gustin is just coming off a suspension for spearing someone last week.  An hour later, he’s at it again, leading with his helmet, right into the helmet of the Washington State Quarterback, who was already being tackled.  TV caught it clearly.  The TV announcers declared that there was no doubt about it.  Everyone saw it, except all the referees.

No one called the blatant penalty, which should have seen Gustin kicked out of the game and suspended for the first half of the next game, again.  Instead of having a first down in the Red Zone, the Cougars had to settle for a potential game-tying Field Goal, which was blocked.

So the once highly-rated trojans Continue Reading »


Let it idle for a while — UCLA Football has this week off, which gives Chip Kelly more time to jump start their stalling season, and gives me more time to flood you with hundreds more Cheer photos from the Fresno game

UCLA’s bye week is here.  Plenty of time to rehash this disastrous 0-3 season.  How can a genius Coach who has been SO successful at this level, in this Conference, suddenly look so clueless?  Maybe with an extra week to prepare for the next opponent, Chip Kelly will design an attack that will get the Bruins their first win of the season.  Of course, he had more time than that before the loss to Cincinnati, so don’t get your hopes too high.

I keep expecting things to change for the better.  All Kelly’s knowledge and expertise HAS to pay off sooner or later, right, even with the current players.  Their much-maligned talent level is not Continue Reading »


A three- hour horror, a three-hour horror — UCLA’s new Skipper Chip Kelly should forfeit his salary, because his first three games — all horrible losses — mark the worst start for the Bruins in recent memory, after Saturday night’s 38-14 Bulldog drubbing

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful Chip,  that started from this Rose Bowl field, aboard this Bruin ship.  The weather started getting rough, our tiny team’s been tossed, if not for the courage of the fearless fans, this season would be lost, this season would be lost.

No, I’m not going to cast away the whole season, or the new Skipper.  Things could change with time.  The former football genius couldn’t have possibly forgotten everything he knew.  However, his 2018 Bruin team is playing worse — MUCH worse — than the 2017 team who had many of the same players/talent level.  Sure, they’re missing stud QB Josh Rosen, but even when Rosen was injured last year, they weren’t nearly as bad as they have been this year.  Case in point:  The Bruins just got killed by lowly unranked Fresno State, in the Rose Bowl, 38-14.

The Bruins came out flat, getting totally dominated in the first quarter on both sides of the ball, and fell behind 16-0.  They came back in the second quarter, capitalizing on a fumble caused by Keisean Lucier-South, to score on a 45-yard pass from Dorian Thompson-Robinson to Theo Howard, to go to halftime down only 16-7.  The Bruins scored again in the 3rd, this time capitalizing on a Bulldog muff, making it 16-14.  Then Fresno State got focused, and took over the game.  By controlling both lines of scrimmage, they went on a 22-0 run to close out the game, with all three touchdowns coming on Quarterback keepers.  Fresno State QB Marcus McMaryion ran for FOUR TD’s on the night.

The Bruins sucked in every facet of the game, giving up Continue Reading »


Part 3 of 3:  The final batch of photos from the Cinci game…

Continue Reading »


Part 2 of the rest of the pics from the Cinci game —

Continue Reading »


When the levee breaks — With another home game coming up today, it’s time to share the last 130+ photos from the previous home game, so here are, in three parts, the rest of the Cheer Pics from the Cincinnati game

Part 1:

Continue Reading »


Not in the Cards – Josh Rosen doesn’t get any play in his first real game as an Arizona Cardinal, despite starter Sam Bradford’s lackluster effort, but one NFL Bruin does score a TD, when Myles Jack gets a Pick 6 for Jacksonville

Arizona Cardinal fans might be clamoring for Bruin QB Josh Rosen pretty soon, if their team’s Offense continues to struggle the way they did today, in a 24-6 loss to Washington.  The Redskins shut down Sam Bradford, who threw for only 153 yards, and no TD’s.  Also, he was sacked twice, threw an INT, and lost a fumble, all while Rosen watched from the sidelines.

It may be a blessing that Rosen isn’t playing yet, as the supporting cast in Arizona did not look very good at all, losing badly to a Washington team that was not predicted to be strong in the NFC this season.  Meanwhile, over in the AFC, Jacksonville is expected to compete for a Title, thanks in part to a stellar defense led by Linebacker Myles Jack.  He led the team with 10 tackles, and his Interception Return for a Touchdown was the difference in a tight victory over the Giants.

Speaking of giants, here are 37 more photos of the (figuratively speaking) Giants of the Cheer World, the UCLA Spirit Squad. Continue Reading »


Happy ending trumps loss — Hours after the Bruins get spanked in Norman, Stormin’ Stanford dominates u$c, molesting trojan QB J.T. Daniels into a Fumble and 2 Interceptions while holding sc to only 3 points in a 17-3 pounding

There’s no better way to get over a Bruin loss than with a trojan loss that is more costly to them than the UCLA loss.  u$c came into their game at Stanford with a #17 National Ranking, and even though Stanford was #10, the WAY sc lost should cost them a few rungs on the Ranking ladder.  u$c backers had been pretty excited about True Freshman Quarterback J.T. Daniels leading troy to their opening week romp over UNLV, but the inexperienced signal caller was exposed in Palo Alto, as sc was completely shut out in the first half, never even reaching the red zone, and then managed only a measly field goal in the second half, as the Cardinal cruised to a convincing 17-3 triumph.

Daniels looked green and raw, repeatedly throwing off his back foot.  He got sacked 4 times, fumbled, and threw 2 late Interceptions when trying to mount a desperate comeback.  Stanford’s Heisman candidate Bryce Love gained 136 yards rushing, scoring on a 6-yard run on the game’s very first drive.  Remarkably, that Touchdown not even 5 minutes into the game was all the points Stanford would need to beat sc, and knock them out of the National Playoff Debate for the time being.

Watching sc be so inept while losing an all-important CONFERENCE game is nice, but it doesn’t completely erase the tragic events witnessed earlier in the day at Norman, Oklahoma.  UCLA started off great, taking a 7-0 lead over the 30-point favorite Sooners, before rolling over and allowing FORTY-TWO STRAIGHT POINTS.  Once the contest was thoroughly in hand for OU, the Bruins came back to “win” the final 11 minutes of the game 14-7, making the final score a slightly more respectable, spread-covering 49-21.

Of course there is no shame getting pummeled by the #6 team in the nation, in their house, and despite the large margin, the Bruins showed some improvement over their previous loss, at home to Cincinnati.  But there was also plenty to be disgruntled about, starting with Continue Reading »

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