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Cuties on the Q.T. — No Quentin Tarantino bloodshed, as the UCLA Cheer Squad stays mostly intact, with all eight returnees at the Sunday matinee audition making the final cut, and two new teammates — Samantha (#5) and Chloe (#11) filling the slate

After the last few auditions, I have learned to take NOTHING for granted.  After the last couple of try-outs, I have whined emotionally about squad members who tried to return but were thwarted on the final day.  This year, the planets seemed to be back in alignment.  Now I’m not sure about squad veterans who may have been cut BEFORE Sunday, but on THIS final day, all the returnees in attendance survived the process.  That’s 8 girls on the Cheer Squad, and 4 on the Dance Team.

There were only 12 girls participating during the Cheer Squad segment, which means that 2 new applicants did not make it.  I am sad for both of them, as they both seemed worthy of Continue Reading »


Check please!  This is the final batch of UCLA Spirit Squad photos before this weekend’s Auditions

Although I still have a ton of yet-unposted photos from a couple of last season’s games, this collection is the last of the usc game shots, and the last spread I will share before Sunday’s Auditions.

After Sunday, I will post pics taken at the actual try-outs.  When I exhaust that treasure trove, I will go back and edit and post more photos from the Cal and Colorado games from last Fall.  So today’s article is the last chance to see the current squad in action, for a while.

So enjoy, and savor, and come back Monday to see the new additions, and then Continue Reading »


Check it out — Only three days left before UCLA Spirit Squad Auditions, which means we are on the last leg of the current members’ tour of duty

It is always difficult to say goodbye to your favorite UCLA Cheerleaders, after getting to know them for twelve months — or up to four years.  Of course many of them will audition again on Sunday and possibly return to the squad, but several of them will be graduating, or just moving on in their lives, due to heavy academic workloads and the like.

So please savor these photos, and Continue Reading »


Final score:  UCLA 5, U$C 4 — After Josh Rosen and Kolton Miller get selected in the 1st Round, UCLA sees three more players get drafted on Day 3 (Kenny Young, Scott Quessenberry, and Jordan Lasley), while no trojans get picked

The 2018 NFL Draft is now complete, and has seen FIVE Bruins get selected.  Five is not a bad number.  Of course Alabama had 11 draftees, and a handful of schools had 6 or 7, but u$c had only 4, and for the first time ever, NONE on Day 3 (Rounds 4-7).

The biggest trojan letdown was Wide Receiver and early entry Deontay Burnett, who was invited to the NFL combine, but obviously, failed to impress.  His fellow WR Steven Mitchell also plummeted all the way off the Draft Board.  In fact, a total of SIX trojans who thought they would be drafted, weren’t.  Of course they were all Continue Reading »


Cardinal Win — The NFL’s Phoenix-area franchise Arizona Cardinals use the 10th pick of the Draft to replace failing ex-trojan QB Carson Palmer, who just mercifully retired, with Bruin Josh Rosen, in an effort to rise from the ashes and break their 68-year Championship Drought — the longest in all of North American Sports

There are lots of hot tubs in Arizona, and now there’s likely to be one more, as the Arizona Cardinals have selected UCLA’s Josh Rosen in the NFL Draft.  Josh went in the 1st Round, as the 10th overall pick, after, as Josh put it, “nine mistakes.”

Rosen wasn’t happy about falling to the 10th position, but he should be happy.  The first player chosen — also a Quarterback — was Baker Mayfield, who has to play for the Browns now.  Cleveland also had the 4th pick, so Rosen shouldn’t be upset about avoiding Cleveland.  And the only other Continue Reading »


Spring-a-ling-a-ding-dong — Nothing new to say today, just 52 more UCLA Football and Spirit Squad photos from the Spring Scrimmage

No stinging commentary;  Just springing up with the next batch of photos from the UCLA Football Spring Showcase.  Please enjoy, and Continue Reading »


Not a circus any more — With lots of P.T. at stake in the UCLA Football Spring Showcase Scrimmage, Ringleader Kelly is getting everyone serious about becoming “The Greatest Show on Earth,” but for now, that title applies more to the UCLA Spirit Squad

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room — Even a great Coach can’t take a not-as-great roster and immediately turn them into National Champions.  But he can definitely show everyone what is certain to come.  If fundamentals improve, and schemes are innovative, and defenses are kept off-balance, good things are bound to happen, and the future brightens.  As recruiting escalates over the next year or two, the sky becomes the limit, and UCLA Football becomes elite.

Speaking of elite, the UCLA Spirit Squad has been unarguably elite for over a decade at least.  Here are the next 53 cheer photos from Saturday’s event, today mostly featuring the UCLA Dance Team.  Still lots more pics coming soon, Continue Reading »


No tips from Chip, cuz loose lips sink ‘ships — It has been confirmed that Chip Kelly’s Offensive wrinkles are coming, but are being kept under wraps at this point in time, so the most exciting action at the Spring Scrimmage was on the sidelines

Just in case a trojan scout or any other upcoming opponent was “spying” on UCLA’s **TELEVISED** Spring Scrimmage on Saturday, they got nothing.  Nada.  Bupkis.  A big goose egg.  A Kelly Deli Bagel.  UCLA refused to divulge any surprises that will be coming from Chip Kelly’s innovative Offensive mind.  No tricks were unveiled, and no misdirection was revealed.  Not even Kelly’s trademark FAST PACE was on display for any future foe to prepare against.

Looks like Chip is holding his cards close to his vest.  Either that, or five weeks was not enough time to install and perfect his system.  With the potential Starting QB not yet available (as an incoming Freshman and a Graduate Transfer have not suited up yet), we can’t be sure how far along the Bruins are in terms of deploying all the tools that Kelly’s mind brings to Westwood.

The on-field fireworks may have been limited, but the sidelines were still exhilarating, with a lot of the Spirit Squad on hand and in mid-season form.  With Cheer Auditions coming up in less than two weeks, the Scrimmage on Saturday may be the last time we see some of these gorgeous, talented student(-athletes).  So today I bring you about 45 more cheer/dance photos, with lots more still to come.  I will be filling up these next two weeks with dozens and dozens of shots, celebrating what has been an amazing year for the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Please enjoy these, and Continue Reading »


An even better “Bruin Day” —  On a day when UCLA Beats sc  19-2 in Baseball, and the Bruin Gymnasts win UCLA’s 115th NCAA Championship, many eyes were focused on Chip Kelly’s Spring Showcase Scrimmage, which instead of the tricky Oregon Offense Kelly is famous for, displayed a lot of plain vanilla football

Congratulations to the Bruin Gymnasts, for garnering UCLA’s 115th NCAA Title, and congratulations to the UCLA Baseball team, for annihilating the trojans 19-2.  But most UCLA Sports fans are more interested in UCLA Football, which is the Talk of the Town now that superstar Head Coach Chip Kelly is in charge.

As I keep saying every year, you CANNOT be too judgmental after viewing a SPRING scrimmage.  The incoming Freshmen are not here, the Bruins are playing against themselves, and the full strategy/schemes are NOT in place yet.  So it is definitely too early to draw ANY conclusions about what is witnessed on the Drake Stadium turf, in April.  That being said…

Chip Kelly’s juggernaut Offenses at Oregon were known for speed/pace, and misdirection.  The opposing team was always on their heels, and never knew who had the ball.  Unfortunately, there was no sign of that in Saturday’s UCLA Football Spring Showcase Scrimmage.

Don’t panic, as it is probably way too early to expect to see the Kelly trademarks already clicking in Westwood.  Give him a chance to implement his system.  By the Fall Scrimmage, I am betting that we will be seeing Continue Reading »


Assault on the REM — Like a day in Margaritaville, with bright sunshine and a Buffet(t) of beautiful women, Bruin Day last weekend was a peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable event that featured so much stunning performance that it takes more than one article to share all the tasty pics

  I am guessing that most of you read this site on iPhones (or Androids), so it’s not always convenient to scroll through more than 50 or 60 photos at once.  Some download speeds are just too slow, and I know how frustrating it is to wait for the photos to finally pop up.  So after a sunny event like Bruin Day, when I get 160+ fun shareable photos, I break them up into groups for Continue Reading »


Dayum, girls! — “Bruin Day” at UCLA is a chance for incoming Freshmen to get acquainted with the potential of campus life, and features a knockout performance by the UCLA Spirit Squad & Band

I had to leave a Bar Mitzvah a smidgen early (Oy!), but as always, the UCLA Spirit Squad made it totally worth it.  No regrets, as the UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad, accompanied by the Solid Gold Sound of the UCLA Marching Band, performed several routines in the bright noontime sun.  My photos are always better when taken in direct sunlight, so this “Bruin Day” is a bonanza for us.

At Bruin Day, every campus group, major, activity, society, sport, etc., etc., has a booth set up to introduce themselves to thousands of kids who are graduating high school and headed to Westwood next year.  It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to get acclimated to some of the amazing opportunities that exist to improve your college experience.

My biggest regret about my 4 years at UCLA is that I didn’t Continue Reading »


Narc Sanchez — Ex-trojan Quarterback Mark Sanchez gets busted by the NFL for Performance-Enhancing Drugs, so if any team is stupid enough to sign this cheat for next season, he will be banned for the first 4 games.  And guess what — he denies that he did anything wrong

The endless parade of trojans and ex-trojans who get caught red-handed cheating and then refuse to admit it just increased by one, as Mark Sanchez has just been added to the list.

Yesterday, the NFL announced that FREE AGENT (i.e. NFL homeless castaway) Mark Sanchez has failed a drug test, and is now suspended for 4 games.  It is no wonder that Sanchez would take performance-enhancing drugs, since he is a has-been, years past his prime, still trying to catch on for one last contract.  After all these years of Sacks, Interceptions, Losses, Missed Playoffs, Clipboard-holding, and the infamous Butt Fumble, Sanchez has deteriorated so badly Continue Reading »

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