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Hollywood Lodestar — In tribute to the passing of iconic superstar Burt Reynolds, and before UCLA rides into a projected world of hurt as a 30-point underdog to Oklahoma, let’s honor the renowned ladies’ man with 54 photos of the pert — like early Sally Field — women of the UCLA Dance Team

Rest in Peace, Bandit.

It is a sad day today, as the World has lost a Hollywood Legend.  Burt Reynolds was the #1 Box Office Star of the entire 1970’s, giving us a pantheon of unforgettable action films, and sprinkling in some romantic comedies, regular comedies, and dramas as well.  “Deliverance” was intense, the “Smokey and the Bandit” franchise endures to this day, and his appearances on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson will never get old.

Reynolds was charming, handsome, and funny — a knockout combination.  He Continue Reading »


Time to Paws and Reflect in Pa(w)sadena– After a bad first game, a lot of fair weather fans jump off the Chip Kelly Bruin Bandwagon

Good riddance.  We don’t need the impatient whiners who require instant gratification to exist.  I rather be surrounded by REAL fans, Bruins for Life, who live and die with UCLA no matter what.  I attended every Dorrell Era Home Game, and every Neuheisel Era Home Game, so a weak start to the Kelly Era is not going to deter me.

Just like the members of the UCLA Spirit Squad, who were still cheering with all their hearts when the Bruins were down by 9 with less than 2 minutes left, I will stay positive, and give a proven winner like Chip Kelly a little time to get the Program in order.

No one thinks the Bruins can turn it all around this Saturday, as they face the powerful Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma.  This will be a good chance for Kelly to continue to work the bugs out of his system, without the added pressure of being EXPECTED to win.  The plethora of Freshman who are being relied upon to produce will gain valuable experience, in their first game in a hostile environment. Kelly will learn more about what they can do and what they can’t do, and then can design his game plan accordingly, so it will be more tailored to their specific individual abilities.  Also, Continue Reading »


We waiters got only a 15% Chip — Bruin fans waited a long time to get an elite Coach like Chip Kelly, but his debut is a debacle, as demonstrated by a lack of trademark-Chip Offensive imagination, lack of scoring, dropped passes, bad snaps, horrible tackling, and a stupid coaching penalty that basically iced the game, in a 26-17 loss to lowly Cincinnati

The Chip Kelly Era at UCLA got underway on Saturday, and it wasn’t pretty.  UCLA got beat — at HOME — by two-touchdown underdog Cincinnati, 26-17.  The unranked Bearcats made the 2018 Bruins look like the 2017 Bruins — lousy, on both sides of the ball.  UCLA couldn’t run (with a 1-play exception), couldn’t pass, couldn’t catch, and couldn’t stop the run.  They couldn’t even SNAP the ball well on a consistent basis.  That recipe for disaster led to a depressing opening day loss that looked a lot like the last couple of seasons of the Mora regime, which led to Mora being replaced.

The hope was that Chip Kelly would bring his innovative Offensive strategy to Westwood, but the misdirection that Kelly’s Oregon teams were famous for was not very evident on Saturday.  There was one great fake that led to a wide open play, but the Receiver dropped the ball.  The Bruin Offense did operate quickly, with an uptempo pace that helped make Kelly elite, but it did not seem to bother the Cinci Defense at all.  It did not give the Bruins the advantage that it always seemed to give the Ducks.

The Oregon pace was accentuated by the SPEED of individual players, and Continue Reading »


Magic Speight Ball — Chip Kelly names Michigan transfer Wilton Speight as the Starting Quarterback for UCLA’s opening game

Experience trumps the dual threat options.  New UCLA Head Football Coach Chip Kelly has selected Senior Wilton Speight to start at Quarterback on Saturday against Cincinnati, over faster, more agile running QB options Devon Modster and Freshman Dorian Thompson-Robinson.  Speight actually beat Cinci last year as a Wolverine, so maybe that’s a good omen, and possibly a factor in the decision.

Speight was at one time a hot-shot QB at Michigan, with a long winning streak under his belt before getting injured.  His comeback campaign was never as glorious as that early win streak, and ultimately paved the way for his trek West to Westwood.  If he can recapture those glory days, Continue Reading »


Suspended animation — Despite the six players suspended from the Opening Day game, Bruin fans are still animated about the dawning of The Chip Kelly Era

It’s hard to believe that 6 kids on the UCLA Football team would jeopardize their careers and their teammates by breaking rules so badly as to earn suspensions.  But that is exactly what has happened.  You would think they would be so compliant, due to the excitement of playing for a proven winner like Chip Kelly.  But college-aged kids do not always show good judgment, and are infamous for making bad, reckless decisions, so now the Bruins are down six bodies for the Cincinnati game this Saturday.

The exact rule that was broken is unknown, with many assuming it’s marijuana.  That’s an interesting situation, since marijuana is now legal here in California.  You might feel like these young adults should have the freedom to smoke a little legal grass, to relax in their off time.  But Continue Reading »


Celebrated murderer celebrates murder — Sacha Baron Cohen takes a stab at O.J. Simpson on Showtime’s “Who is America?” TV show, duping him into actually GIVING A HIGH FIVE over the idea of wife-killing

With everything going on in Washington D.C. right now, you may think this headline has to do with former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen having enough clout and inside information to take down an embattled Nazi sympathizer.  However, it is actually about ex-trojan O.J. “The Juice” Simpson getting punked on National TV by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen’s new Showtime show has made a habit of humiliating political figures and pseudo-celebrities, including Dick Cheney and Roy Moore, and tonight was no different, with Cohen placing ex-con O.J. Simpson in his cross-hairs.  While unable to elicit a full confession to the infamous double murders as intended, Cohen still managed to make Simpson look guilty as sin.  Cohen (disguised as a billionaire character) talked about wanting to kill his woman, and during that conversation, Simpson, who didn’t know he was on camera, high-fived Cohen.  Some things are worth celebrating and some things aren’t.  Murdering your wife is not one of them, but someone forgot to tell O.J.

The conversation went on for about 5 minutes, with Cohen calling Simpson a murderer over and over, making stabbing motions at the neck of his girlfriend.  Viewers around the Country were filled with disgust as O.J. chuckled heartily at all these references to the murders Continue Reading »


Swaggering to jail – Ex-trojan Nick “Swaggy P” Young gets arrested for Obstruction of Justice after defying Police during a traffic stop

You already knew that former trojan Basketball hero Nick Young, aka “Swaggy P,” wasn’t playing with a full deck, after lighting a firework and letting it go off while still holding it in his hands, and after almost getting a tattoo with the word “rebel” spelled wrong, and after lewdly harassing an NBA-affiliated executive and her Mother at a stop light, and after getting caught on tape bragging about cheating on his girlfriend, and after getting fined $25,000 for starting a brawl in a game, but now you can add an arrest for Obstruction of Justice to the staggering list of evidence.

Last night around midnight in Hollywood, Young was stopped by Police, and just like a typical arrogant trojan, he refused to cooperate with the Officers.  You would think with all the anecdotes out there about Continue Reading »


Who would you pick? — Fantasy Football drafts abound this weekend, and virtually no Bruins will be selected, unless someone takes a flier on risky Rosen or fair Fairbairn, but next year, Rosen may be a hot ticket item, and expect Chip Kelly to develop some better prospects in the near future

There are some great Bruins in the NFL, but since the three best are Defensive players and 99% of Fantasy Leagues don’t use individual Defensive players, you probably won’t see many Bruins get their numbers called at your draft.  When people snag the Vikings’ Defense, it will be a nod to Bruin Linebackers Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks, and when the Jaguars’ D is grabbed, it will, to a lesser extent, be due to the prowess of another Bruin LB Myles Jack, but that’s not the same as when a QB, RB, WR, TE, or K is chosen.

The Bruins that have a slight chance to get picked include Quarterback Josh Rosen and Kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn.  Rosen is NOT starting for the Cardinals, so it is a risky pick.  A back-up QB is pretty worthless.  You are gambling on starter Sam Bradford to get injured or to be bad.  That’s not improbable, given his track record, but there are plenty of QB’s (about 32) in the draft who are guaranteed playing time, so only a Bruin homer like me might take a chance on Josh.  Ka’imi is an average kicker for an average team, so he may get scooped up in the final round of a draft or two.

Also appearing on draft boards are Brett Hundley and Marcedes Lewis, but even a super-homer Continue Reading »


More “hunny” than Winnie the Pooh could handle — With “Christopher Robin” in theaters making Pooh fans teary-eyed with joy, I give you the sweetness of the last 64 UCLA Spirit Squad photos from last Fall’s Cal game

Did you grow up reading Winnie the Pooh or having it read to you when you were too young to read it yourself?  If so, and you were a fan of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and the rest, you should enjoy Disney’s emotional “Christopher Robin” now playing in a theater near you.  With great cgi for the animals, Brad Garrett voicing Eeyore, and the same voice actor that you already know as Pooh, not to mention Ewan McGregor as adult Christopher Robin, there is a lot to pull on your heartstrings.  You know they are doing something right when they do a slow push-in on the face of an un-animated (for the moment) stuffed animal, and it still makes you cry.

If you DIDN’T grow up with Pooh, and want something a little more politically relevant, try “BlacKKKlansman.”  Produced by Jordan Peele, Directed by Spike Lee, and Staring Adam Driver, John David Washington (Denzel’s son), and Topher Grace (as KKK Grand Wizard David Duke!), this true story about the infiltration of the KKK is more important than ever right now, and the most “current” movie you could see, even though it is set in the 1970’s!  It is a very funny film, but Lee insists it is NOT a comedy, and you are not laughing as you watch the movie come to its conclusion.  It is a very well-made film, Continue Reading »


Will you still need me, will you still feed me? — The Hit Parade continues and the Beat goes on, with 64 more photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad

Nothing pressing going on in the UCLA Sports World, so not much to talk about today. u$c did add Bernard Schirmer, a Juco transfer, to their football roster, and  Schirmer IS the kid who got arrested, and suspended from Football for 5 years, for punching and knocking unconscious a Referee.

He claims it was unintentional, and authorities Continue Reading »


On a hot roll — As the heat wave continues, the waves of UCLA Spirit Squad photos keep on coming, with 63 more today

Triple-digits in the Valley, not that much better in Westwood — The Bruins don’t have to practice in San Bernardino to feel the heat.  They are sweating away right here in town, or so we must believe, since for the first time in years, practice is closed to the public.  There isn’t even a Fan Appreciation Day this Fall, or the usual annual chance for kids to get autographs from the players.  I’m not thrilled about missing out on this photo op, but if it helps Chip Kelly get this program to the elite level, FINE.

Without being able to see practice, there are only a couple of things I want to mention in relation to UCLA Sports today.  First of all, Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef just officially became a part of the UCLA Basketball team, after some technical issues concerning academics.  The Bruins now have, according to some sources, the 6th-best recruiting class in the Country coming in for this season.  That’s crucial, and gives hope to this year, because the returning players are not enough, on paper, to compete at a Championship level.  But with several immediate impact players joining the roster, expectations can be high.

Speaking of great expectations, it would be nice to see Josh Rosen win the starting job for the Arizona Cardinals in this, his rookie season.  They are saying good things about Josh in the early stages of practice.  However, there are three negatives: Continue Reading »


Everything is (August) Awesome — Welcome to the month of August, which I will fill with about 600 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad, as we converge on the new season

Let’s take a break from news, fake news, collusion, porno payouts, taped conversations, and indictments.  Let’s not even focus on the now THREE HUNDRED sexual abuse claims targeting u$c and their Creepy Gynecologist Cover-Up.  Let’s just relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy 55 more Bruin cheer photos from Continue Reading »

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