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Looks like that Bulldog got his Bell rung.

Who turned up the heat?

Fresno picks up the trash and goes double-wide to dust UCLA by a ‘neck, but Bruin fans get a teaser of better times coming soon

Norm Chow’s Offense awoke from their slumber on Saturday, but it wasn’t enough to overcome a mistake-prone Defense, and one huge fumble, in the Bruins’ 36-31 lossto Fresno State at the Rose Bowl. 

From 59-0, to 31-10, to covering the (7-pt) spread at 36-31 — Now THAT’S progress (regardless of what you read on an Obama t-shirt).  And in THIS game, the Bruins had an excellent chance to win… until Derrick Coleman’s fumble in the Red Zone halfway through the 4th quarter cost the Bruins the chance for the lead, and for the Home Upset.

Coleman’s miscue put a damper on the return of Starting Tailback Kahlil Bell, who returned quickly to form.  After giving up a Punt Return TD in the first minute of the game, the Bruins marched into the end zone, completely on the ground.  A Direct Snap play — where the Center hikes the ball to the Running Back — is now part of the Bruins’ arsenal, and the formation opened huge holes.

The game was pretty even throughout, with the Halftime score being 20-19, Bulldogs.  When Fresno State was about to go ahead by 15, the Bruins blocked the PAT, and returned it for 2 points, to cut the lead to 12.  Then the Bruins scored again to cut it to 5, and got the ball back again, but the hard hit that caused Coleman’s fumble ended the threat.

The Red-clad fans who made the trip down filled both end zones and then some, and they were just what you’d expect… at a County Fair.  The carnie-like atmosphere started early, as the vocal yokels started BOOING the Bruins in pre-game warm-ups.  Up until yesterday, only sc had been that scuzzy, to boo the Home team’s warm-ups, in an organized effort.

The attitude of the visitors might have made this NON-Conference loss more painful than it should have been, but it is still NOTHING like losing to Oregon State as a TWENTY-FIVE-point Favorite while being the only game on, on National TV.  Of course, AS “PREDICTED” HERE, Florida, Georgia, and Wisconsin also lost, so the trojans are already back in the BCS hunt.

Below are about 28 photos from the game and pre-game Cheerleader rally, and if you like ALL of them, “you MIGHT be a Red-neck.”

Did someone pour water on the Wicked QB of the West?

Craft needed witchcraft to get out of trouble.

The young secondary misses Dennis Keyes, et al.

Viney closes as fast as the Grapevine during a hailstorm.

The D had some trouble with outside containment — They gave up a lot of big plays.

Fresno was especially sharp on 3rd Downs, and a 3rd and 22 conversion was crucial.

The Bruin pressure was usually a step too late (Maybe due to Holding?)

Bruin fans see Kahlil Bell curve right at them for a TD.

The Cheer Squad had the best view of this Moline Touchdown catch.

Terrence Austin is Bionic!

And speaking of Returns, how about THIS two-pointer, which the PA Announcer mistakenly thought was a Touchdown.

Is that the LAPD Choke Hold that they used on Maurice Simmons?

This huge sack gave the Bruins one last chance..

There were not enough Sacks, and too many “near-sacks.”

Fresno had a good ground game, but they won it in the air.

Neuheisel made several CONSERVATIVE calls early, then later gambled on a 4th and 1 (and by giving FSU a 3rd and 22) and got burned.

Must be tough getting called “Dogs” all the time.

Sorry Ryan, it’s not the LEAD shot, because a loss doesn’t deserve your “thumb’s up.”

Just HOW long ago did Neuheisel play at UCLA??

Suddenly, I want to take dance lessons.

These celebs will be SIGNING POSTERS before the last 3 home football games.  Come and meet them face-to-face!

“Does anybody remember laughter?”

A few very sweet and very brave Cheerleaders traversed the Red Sea and came to us to lead cheers, and it was working at the time.

It’s about time the Cheer Squad got some respect around here.

Welcome to the Jungle.

Sticking the landing.

… and flying high again.

Last one for today, but lots and lots more coming soon.  They are SO photogenic, that the good shots are numbering in the hundreds at each game.

"NOTHING BUT TRAILERS" was published on September 28th, 2008 and is listed in Blue & Gold News.

Comments on "NOTHING BUT TRAILERS": 3 Comments

  1. Jake wrote,

    I’m assuming the girls on the dance team all get along really well. When I was at UCLA eons ago my neighbor my 2nd year was on the dance team and she said how her team never really hung out since it was always a little catty from every girl wanting to be the center of attention. Glad things have changed with this squad.

  2. hornsfan wrote,

    T-H, you’ve outdone yourself with the recent batch of pics. all of the cheer and dance team pics are great as usual, but the one w/ Katie looking right at the camera is outstanding. please keep it up, b/c it looks like it will be a loong year on the football field!

  3. BruinSteveII wrote,

    T-H, do you know who the guy is with the leather helmet? I’ve run into him before the game in Lot H, and he’s a character.

    [T-H’s Note: Nope — No clue.]

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