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Clay Pigeon or Lame Duck? — With National Championship-winning Coach Les Miles suddenly available after being fired by LSU, u$c’s 1-and-3 Coach Clay Helton’s hot seat must be burning his ass;  Some Bruin fans may actually be rooting for the trojans to win a few games so Clay stays and Miles stays miles away.  As for me, I want them to lose every game, fire Helton, then get turned down by Miles and every other elite candidate, so that they have to hire someone even worse than Helton

   Les Miles screwed up a game on Saturday.  His faulty time management against SEC rival Auburn caused LSU’s game-winning, last-second Touchdown play to be nullified, because the ball was actually snapped after the clock had expired.  So after LSU had already been celebrating the miracle victory, the Refs overturned the TD and ended the game, awarding the victory to Auburn.

LSU didn’t waste any time dealing with this disgrace.  Yesterday, they fired the Head Coach and the Offensive Coordinator, despite both of them being ultra-elite talents in their respective positions.  Les Miles won a BCS Championship in 2007, and now he’s unemployed.  But that won’t last for long.  Practically every school that doesn’t end the season with a prestigious Bowl or Playoff win, and absolutely every school with a vacancy, would love to hand the reins to Miles.  I would even welcome him to UCLA, if I thought he could deal with the academic requirements that we have, which would be completely foreign to him.

But the problem is that u$c is probably drooling over the possibility of bringing him to South Central.  Such a splashy hire would re-invigorate their fan base, and since they have no academic standards at all, he would dominate recruiting on the West Coast.  With his SEC, win-at-all-costs mentality, he would fit right in at the Figueroa Clown College.  And yes, that worries me.  But… it doesn’t worry me enough to root for sc to win a single game.  I’d prefer they keep losing, and I will cross that bridge (of them getting a bonafide elite Coach) when we come to it.

OK, speaking of bonafide elite, here are the next 49 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad from the game on Saturday.

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