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McNairball — Disgraced u$c Assistant Football Coach Todd McNair comes up with nothing but air in his laughable attempt to swindle $27 million out of the NCAA, in his failed Defamation lawsuit concerning his complicity in the Reggie Bush SCandal

“Who wears short-shorts?  We wear short-shorts! If you dare wear short-shorts, Nair for short-shorts!”

What a joke.  So many trojans were pointing to this case as proof that u$c was unfairly targeted by an NCAA conspiracy vendetta back during the Reggie Bush Sanctions.  Trojan fans were fully expecting for their school to be vindicated by a jury finding for former trojan assistant football coach Todd McNair against the NCAA.  Well, the verdict is in, and McNair and u$c has LOST!

McNair was asking for $27,000,000 from the NCAA, claiming that they DEFAMED him about a decade ago, when he was implicated in the Reggie Bush Pay-for-Play SCandal that rocked sc, cost Bush his Heisman, and garnered sc sanctions that included a bowl ban.  Sadly for this coach-turned-bankrupt-Uber-driver, the jury disagreed with his wild claims of persecution, and gave him a grand total of ZERO dollars in compensation — Just a hair short of the $27 million he was angling for.

Apparently, the jury felt that when the NCAA said that McNair committed violations and knew (or should have known) about all the illegal benefits that Bush received, they were not defaming him, because the charges weren’t trumped up.  They said that McNair presented NO proof or corroboration for his accusations.  He only had his word against theirs, and since the burden of proof was on him, they voted 9-3 to give him nothing.

So this implies that the NCAA did not go after McNair unfairly just to spite the stonewalling trojan machine, despite what all the whiny trojans were spewing while caught in the throes of denial.  There was no vendetta, and the penalties were not overly harsh.  They were completely warranted.  And sc should know the meaning of “warrant,” since they receive so many arrest warrants.

So on the same day a trojan-for-life in essence loses 27 mil, the University that threw him under the bus and fired him after the investigation, leading to him being penniless, unemployable, and possibly an alcoholic, just got hit with 4 brand new lawsuits in the Abusive Gynecologist case.  Dr. George Tyndall, who was reportedly abusing trojan coeds for 30 years under the guise of medical treatment, is at the center of major controversy.  It appears that u$c knew about the abuse for decades but did nothing for years and years, allowing and enabling him to molest hundreds more students.  This has led to a petition calling for the termination of the President of USC.  So far 1500 people have signed the document.

They better take SOME action, because the lawyer who got Michigan State to pony up A HALF A BILLION DOLLARS for a VERY SIMILAR incident is now involved with this case against sc.  With 4 different girls filing suit — against usc, not against Tyndall — dozens if not hundreds of more victims will be empowered to finally break their humiliated silence.  If usc has to fork over hundreds of millions, this could further damage their reputation (what reputation? Replace “damage” with “confirm”), and it could even lead to a massive exodus of big money donors.  Even their biggest athletic supporters may put away their checkbooks when they realize their money may be earmarked for the thousands of victims of the creepy Nightmare Gynecologist.

Meth smoking Deans, sexually-abusive Doctors, University executives and board members who blatantly cover up these scandals, and a coach caught red-handed cheating who then tries to bleed the guys who busted him for millions with a frivolous lawsuit??  Why can’t they just shut down this whole institution?  There hasn’t been this much flagrant corruption by one organization since… well, you know.

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