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Narc Sanchez — Ex-trojan Quarterback Mark Sanchez gets busted by the NFL for Performance-Enhancing Drugs, so if any team is stupid enough to sign this cheat for next season, he will be banned for the first 4 games.  And guess what — he denies that he did anything wrong

The endless parade of trojans and ex-trojans who get caught red-handed cheating and then refuse to admit it just increased by one, as Mark Sanchez has just been added to the list.

Yesterday, the NFL announced that FREE AGENT (i.e. NFL homeless castaway) Mark Sanchez has failed a drug test, and is now suspended for 4 games.  It is no wonder that Sanchez would take performance-enhancing drugs, since he is a has-been, years past his prime, still trying to catch on for one last contract.  After all these years of Sacks, Interceptions, Losses, Missed Playoffs, Clipboard-holding, and the infamous Butt Fumble, Sanchez has deteriorated so badly physically and emotionally that his ONLY HOPE is booster drugs.  Who could blame him?!  HOWEVER, despite scientific evidence implicating him, Sanchez still insists that he did NOT take any banned substances.

What IS it with trojans refusing to be held accountable?!  They always whine and make excuses, and blame others, and claim they are being framed.  Call it the “O.J. Syndrome” if you like — time after time after time, trojans get busted beyond a shadow of a doubt, but still deny responsibility.

Sanchez foolishly points to his previous “clean” drug tests as evidence in his favor.  What do those have to do with the current one which he failed?  Now that he’s old and decrepit, he needs even more help than usual, so perhaps he UPPED HIS DOSAGE to a point that the tests finally picked it up?  Regardless, passing old tests does nothing to cast doubt on the new, failed test.  SMH.  Trojan logic at its finest.

Hopefully he will now retire in disgrace, or do what his fellow druggie Todd Marinovich did, and try out for some bush league.  For a team in a semi-pro  league, maybe a former NFL-er like Sanchez could really “move the needle.”

"MARK BANCHEZ!" was published on April 14th, 2018 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Reminds me of your “Morten Fears The Lou” article way back when!

    Maybe Mark needed the PEDs just to cope…

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