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Ball Protection — As foretold, Magic Johnson has succeeded in luring LeBron James to the Lakers and now has his sights set on Kawhi Leonard, but must not ransom the future by letting Lonzo Ball roll away

Ringtime for Lonzo… unless the Magic – Jeanie team rubs the wrong lamp and lets the Ball lad go (Ja)far away.  Last night, the Lakers signed Free Agent Supreme LeBron James to a 4-year, 154 million dollar contract.  It is being reported that Laker President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson’s Saturday night meeting with James sealed the deal.  This coup makes Jeanie Buss’ Lakers instant Championship contenders, and could give Bruin Point Guard Lonzo Ball an opportunity to earn a Title in just his second year in The League, with the key word being “could.”

There is a chance that Lonzo could be used as trade bait in order to get LeBron a pre-existing all-star teammate.  Kawhi Leonard is reputed to be unhappy in San Antonio, seeking a trade to the Lakers.  The Lakers have a core of 4 young potential all-stars for whom San Antonio is allegedly clamoring.  It would be a travesty if the Lakers let Ball get away.  Some people think that LeBron needs the ball in his hands in order to run the Offense.  I think that is an insane theory.  With defenses keying on LeBron, what is really needed is a separate, True Point Guard with uncanny court vision, who can spread the ball around, create movement like that of the (current Champs) Golden State Warriors, and find LeBron in good position, or find the open men that LeBron will consistently create by drawing so much defensive attention.  Lonzo is the best Pass-First Point Guard in UCLA History, and can be a once-in-a-generation talent who can team with LeBron to end the Warriors’ reign.

The Lakers have already made three other moves to bolster the line-up:  They signed Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee, and retained Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.  Perhaps they are anticipating giving up multiple players from their current roster to land Leonard.  The leading school of thought is that Brandon Ingram is most coveted by the Spurs, but Lonzo, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart are also in the mix, as is new rookie Moe Wagner.  While Ingram is probably the best player of the bunch, and Kuzma made the All-Rookie Team last season, it is still Ball that is the PLAYMAKER most likely to incorporate LeBron’s talent into a unified TEAM concept, and THAT is what is needed to ascend to the top of the NBA.  Also, Lonzo’s knack for starting fast breaks could get the Lakers the transition baskets needed to keep up with the Warriors’ frenetic scoring pace.  Hopefully, Magic Johnson knows this, and will crate Lonzo up, but NOT ship him off.

I have finally finished editing my photos from the UCLA Dance Team Auditions.  I have 177 new pics to share; Here are 49 of them right now…

Here is a key, to see who’s who, and who made the squad:

New Additions:  35 – Alicia, 37 – Claudia, 42- Sarah, 43 – Madison, 53- Audrey, 59 – Valeria, 68- Makena;

Returnees:  54 – Emily, 66 – Sydney, 67 – Jordie, 69 – Katy.

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