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Highway to the Danger Zone — Trojan Linebacker Osa Masina was arrested yesterday on THREE FELONY charges:  One count of RAPE, and two counts of FORCIBLE SODOMY;  He now faces life imprisonment, where he may just develop some serious empathy for his alleged victim

[WARNING – WARNING – WARNING:  This article contains graphic, disgusting details of Rape and Sodomy.]

It took a couple of weeks, but the Rape Investigation of u$c Football player Osa Masina has finally resulted in charges, and his arrest.  Utah Police booked him yesterday, officially accusing him of Raping a girl in Salt Lake City.  Apparently, Masina plied her with alcohol, weed, and Xanax, which knocked her out, and when she awoke, face down, he was on top of her, penetrating her, anally.  She passed out again, and this time when she regained consciousness, he was thrusting his erect member into her mouth.  The 19-year old victim claims that this forced fellatio was so violent, that she couldn’t breathe, and that it damaged porcelain crowns on her back teeth.  I apologize for this graphic and repulsive account, but Rape is very serious crime, and Rapists deserve to have their crimes recounted in nauseating detail, so that no one forgets it, or denies it (like the Holocaust) in the future.  What we DON’T want is a repeat of the despicably-lenient three month jail term that the Stanford Rapist recently completed.

Bail has been set at $250,000, because Masina is considered a flight risk, and because authorities feel that the Rape in Utah may not be an isolated incident.  They are concerned for the safety of people who may come in contact with Masina.  There is another investigation taking place in Los Angeles, where supposedly he Raped the same victim on a different occasion.  This L.A. incident is alleged to have taken place in the apartment of Masina’s trojan teammate Don Hill, who is suspected of being Masina’s accomplice in this crime, and possibly, the second Rapist.  Warrants were served, and DNA tests were taken, but no charges have been filed… YET.  Also, there are reports that Masina and/or Hill videotaped one or both of these incidents, and sent the footage to the victim’s ex-boyfriend via Snapchat.  That information does not bode well for the trojan (alleged) partners-in-crime.

Up until recently, Masina and Hill were still attending classes at sc, and participating in Football-related functions, including football practice.  But now, Masina has been suspended from school and banned from campus, and he AND Hill have been barred from all sc Football activities.  It’s sad that it took three Felonies to make this happen, but at least it finally did happen.

The charges in Utah are considered “First Degree Felonies” and carry a sentence of 5 years to LIFE.  If Masina (and/or Hill) is found guilty and end up going to jail, maybe they will find out how it feels to be on the receiving end of the brutality that they inflicted.  And maybe someone will record it and show us on Snapchat.  But if they are being FALSELY accused, I hope the NON-victim gets the harshest of sentences herself.  I mean, why cavort with these guys a SECOND TIME, after already believing that they Raped you previously?  Something just doesn’t seem right here.  All these possible crimes (Rape, Forcible Sodomy, False Rape Accusation) are heinous, and deserve the maximum penalty available.  I truly hope the guilty get what they deserve, and the victim(s) get JUSTICE.

"LOGGIN’ MASINA" was published on September 16th, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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