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F*cked up — u$c continues to be Misogyny U, as trojan Wide Receiver Joseph Lewis gets sentenced to jail for Domestic Battery, on the same day that SC’s Academic Senate calls for University President Max Nikias to resign over his screwing up of the Nightmare Gynecologist SCandal, where allegedly hundreds of trojan coeds were sexually abused over 30 years while school officials covered it up

USC is Up Shit Creek, more than usual, but not enough people seem to care.  Even Steven Spielberg and Jeannie Buss SEEM to be refusing to follow the advice of hundreds of teachers and thousands of students who are demanding that University President Max Nikias be terminated.

1,500 people have signed a petition to get rid of Nikias, and 300 Professors have followed suit, sending an official letter to the USC Board of Trustees, demanding the ouster of the President.  The Board of Trustees, which is made up of 59 dignitaries including Spielberg and Buss, has so far shown SUPPORT for the embattled President.  Perhaps they are fine with a massive cover-up that allowed 300 female students to be sexually abused (allegedly) by campus Gynecologist George Tyndall, most of them AFTER reports and complaints had come cascading in to University officials.

Nikias admits that they knew bad things but did not act appropriately or promptly enough to protect their student body’s bodies.  If he had any class at all, he would resign, just like his counterpart at Michigan State did.  But trojans never embrace accountability, so it will take the creator of E.T. and his colleagues to do the right thing.  Spielberg needs to phone home and get his messages — u$c is in crisis, and needs him to lead the last crusade, and finally put an end to The Holy Fail.

Speaking of no accountability, current trojan Joseph Lewis, a Wide Receiver on last season’s SC football team, refused to ADMIT his guilt in his domestic battery case, instead pleading NO CONTEST.  His crime warranted a two-year prison sentence, but in return for his plea, he received only a TWO MONTH incarceration, plus 3 years probation, 10 year firearm ban, a protective order to keep him away from his victim, and a yearlong treatment program, because trojans need to be taught specially that you shouldn’t beat up women.

Of course when you attend usc, you are immersed in a culture that disrespects women, as evidenced by last year’s cover-up of the Dean of Medicine’s whoring, meth parties, and sexual misconduct, and confirmed by the decades-long burying of Tyndall’s monstrous reign of terror.  Even when Tyndall’s 30-year campaign of abuse came to an end last year, he wasn’t exposed by sc to the Press, or ignominiously fired.  Instead, he was given a cushy severance package!  How about a (Cardinal and) Gold Watch, you SCumbag enablers!!

Do you need more proof that USC INSTITUTIONALLY despises and demeans women?  Lewis expects to be re-instated to u$c’s football team as soon as he gets out of jail, and since he was one of the Nation’s best players coming out of high school, sc will probably swallow their integrity and welcome him back with open arms.

Mothers don’t let your daughters grow up to be trojans!!

"LEWIS LOCKED UP, NIKIAS COCKED UP" was published on May 25th, 2018 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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