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That didn’t take long — Less than 24 hours after the season dies, UCLA Offensive Coordinator (and ex-trojan) Kennedy Polamalu gets the ax (thank god)

I guess I don’t have to boycott.  Ding dong, the witch is dead.  The worst Offensive Coordinator in UCLA history, who happens to be a former u$c trojan football player, has been fired, just one day after another “offensive” performance.  After scoring only 10 points against a pathetic Cal defense, Kennedy Polamalu is rightfully toast.

Now, maybe next year, the Bruins won’t finish 126th out of 127 in rushing, and, if Josh Rosen recuperates, he can have a shot at the Heisman, as his ability indicates.  But… will Jim Mora make a decent hire this time?  You simply cannot trust a guy who handed over the reins to a completely inexperienced and in-over-his-head Polamalu.  But this will be Mora’s last chance.  If he hires someone who flails and fails next season, it will be Mora’s last.

So in the 24 hours after UCLA’s season ended with a whimper, there have been two pieces of good news:  Colorado beat Utah, to win the Pac-12 South and keep u$c out of the Conference Championship Game, and now, Polamalu gets shown the door.  It will probably take him three days to get across campus, all the way to his car. Polamalu was SO bad, you almost have to wonder if he was intentionally sabotaging his arch rival’s football program from within, because he couldn’t have done any more damage if he was trying to.

I called out this hire the day it happened.  Do I need to tack a sign on Mora’s forehead?  “Trojans Need Not Apply!”  Respect the rivalry, Jim.  No Rocky Seto, No Lane Kiffin, No Steve Sarkisian, No Ken Norton, jr,. No Mark Carrier.  Stop poisoning the well!!  If they went to (or worked at) u$c, they do not have the brains or the judgment to be worthy of joining UCLA.


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