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Traitor No’s — Rumors have UCLA considering turncoat Ken Norton, Jr. and trojan Jeff Fisher as potential Head Football Coaches.  If either of these repulsive choices is selected, I will immediately shut down this website and renounce my support of the UCLA Football Program

Ken Norton, Jr. was an amazing Bruin Linebacker, and an even more Prolific Pro Linebacker, earning THREE Super Bowl rings.  His dad, Ken Norton, Sr., was a World Class boxer, who got hypnotized by Dr. Michael Dean, and then broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw in a Heavyweight Title fight.  I was a big fan of the Norton’s.  I even liked Ed Norton from “The Honeymooners,” and Edward Norton from “Primal Scream,” who got robbed for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, due to a catch phrase:  Cuba Gooding’s “Show Me the Money.”  So…

When Ken Norton, Jr. spit on his Bruin ties by becoming an Assistant Coach for u$c, it was the proverbial knife in the back.  It doesn’t matter one iota that he wanted to Coach at his alma mater UCLA, but wasn’t offered a job.  There are 300 other schools he could have tried.  He didn’t have to screw over an entire legion of Bruin Norton fans by accepting a role at our crosstown rival, and then attacking UCLA at every turn.  He turned to the Dark Side, and it consumed him, as evidenced by his joy when trojan Rey Maualuga threw a cheap, DIRTY shot at Bruin QB Pat Cowan that could have seriously injured the Bruin trooper, who, despite the vicious late hit, bounced right up to his feet and went on to defeat troy and knock them out of the Title game.

Therefore, if the Bruins hire this SCumbag EX-Bruin and now trojan-for-life Ken Norton, Jr., I will refuse to support the program as long as he is in charge.  Forget the fact that he can’t Coach worth a damn, has no Head Coaching experience, and failed as the Defensive Coordinator of the Raiders, where fellow trojan honk Jack Del Rio just fired him in the middle of a season;  It’s the lack of loyalty to our school that makes him permanently unfit to coach here.  I will readily admit that he was a Hall of Fame Caliber Linebacker, and is an elite recruiter, and maybe even a first-rate motivator;  But his decision-making, and his lack of respect for UCLA and its fans makes him persona non grata in my book.  Forever.  Just like Henry Bibby — Once you cross over to Figueroa Tech, you can NOT come bech.

Another possible candidate if the Bruins can’t snatch Chip Kelly is apparently Jeff Fisher.  Fisher was a Defensive Back for u$c, so unlike Norton, Fisher is an ACTUAL trojan.  He is also an ACTUALLY BAD Coach.  He had some good years in Tennessee with the Titans, even reaching the Super Bowl once, but he’s has more bad years than he should have, including a horrible run with the Rams.  He failed to register a winning record in his last EIGHT years in the NFL!  Football has seemed to pass him by.  Why would UCLA want such a total HAS BEEN??

Didn’t the Bruins learn their lesson with Kennedy Polamalu last year??  They hired a former trojan player to be Offensive Coordinator, and the UCLA Offense was one of the worst in school history.  The play calling was absolutely the worst in my lifetime, and the lack of adjustments, and the misuse of the talent was EPIC.  Even Norm Chow, who Coached at sc before coming to UCLA, failed miserably for the Bruins.

Dan Guerrero:  Please don’t insult the Bruin faithful by hiring a trojan to lead the Bruins!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I better share some Cheer Photos now, before I shut this sucker down!  Actually, if they hire either of these guys, I won’t shut down the site, I will just re-tool it, from a Rivalry Site to just a Cheerleader Photo site, without the pro-Bruin, anti-trojan rhetoric.  But for now, here are 13 more cheer pics from Saturday.

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