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We’ve got Spear-it — u$c will ADMIT any millionaire, but can’t ADMIT any mistakes, denying that the statue of Shakespeare they commissioned and unveiled has his name spelled incorrectly, while also denying that their mascot Traveler is named after the horse of Confederate degenerate General Robert E. Lee

When President-for-now Trump commended people who marched shoulder-to-shoulder with Nazis and Klansmen, he got torn to shreds.  But because he is mentally unhinged, he refused to admit his mistake, instead, doubling down about the FINE torch-bearing people who were shouting racist, anti-Semitic garbage.  Just like that brain-damaged sociopath, the entire u$c organization is refusing to own up to two slightly embarrassing facts that are currently SCandalizing their campus.  The first one elicited protests, when it was discovered that the original trojan horse mascot “Traveler” was literally named after the personal steed of American traitor Robert E. Lee, prominent leader of the Confederacy, and army General fighting to keep Slavery alive.

Of course this is an overblown situation, as no fan, nor anyone currently affiliated with the school makes the connection, or considers their horse to be a tribute to Lee.  But that didn’t stop some extremely liberal folks from complaining.  They apparently got swept up in the recent Confederate Statue fervor, and are demanding that the University change the name of the horse, in order to stop “honoring” the concept of fighting against the Emancipation Proclamation.  Even I don’t think these demands have merit.  However, the trojan brain trust can’t even frame their position properly without just DENYING the facts.  Instead, they are hitching their horse cart to the fact that Lee’s “Traveller” was spelled with a second “L,” while sc’s mascot only has 1 “L.”  They are also claiming that THEIR original Traveler was NOT named after Lee’s horse, despite multiple historical reports to the contrary.  It may be ludicrous to demand a name change, but it’s even more ludicrous to fabricate falsehoods while defending something that doesn’t need defending anyway.  Sc even went as far as to proclaim that “Traveler” is a very common equine name.  But that is more fake news, it turns out, as current studies show that that name is hardly EVER used by horse owners.

What makes this whole situation even more ridiculous, is that the REAL reference being made by Traveler is to the actual story of the “Trojan Horse,” which is a historical event where Troy was suckered into losing one of the World’s most famous battles, when the Greeks who were hiding in the giant wooden horse emerged and annihilated the trojans.  I think I ALMOST rather be associated with the South in the Civil War!  At least the South was overpowered and defeated by a superior force, as opposed to just being cocky and blatantly outwitted.  I’m sure all the u$c Football Players who were members of a White Power group on campus a few years ago would also celebrate and prefer a connection to the abolitionist-abhorring Rebels.

As if the Traveler Travesty wasn’t enough Trouble for the trojans, yesterday they were outed BY UCLA’s “The Den” Student Section, for having dedicated a statue of William Shakespeare in the new $700 Million complex on campus, despite The Bard’s name being spelled wrong on the statue.  How ironic, that a “school” known for decades for their lack of quality academics, would try to honor one of the most famous literary giants of all time, but screw up the spelling of his name, leaving off the final “E.”  Of course you could blame the sculptor/engraver, but didn’t anyone proofread the statue before unveiling it?

OK, OK — Again, this is not a major deal.  Who cares?  A mistake was made, and can be easily remedied.  Just admit fault, and move on, right?  Nope, not the Trumpista-like trojans in charge.  Instead of just accepting the blame, they turned on the Trojan Spin Machine.  They are claiming that they PURPOSELY chose this alternate spelling.  They state that back in Shakespeare’s day, spelling was not uniformly agreed upon, and that there were three different, accepted ways to spell William’s last name, including “Shakespear,” which is the one on the statue.  This is such B.S., as in Bill Shakespear.  Why in the World would they choose an archaic spelling that would be considered the engraved Mother of all Typos, by every single educated person who reads it??  No.  They just couldn’t handle being called out for their stupidity, especially not by their arch rival Bruins.  So they did some research, and found an absurd excuse:  An obscure fact, which purportedly resulted in a spelling that completely flies in the face of all accepted common usage.  Methinks the ladies doth protest too much!!  SPEAR me all these denials!

The point of all this is that even though both of these so-called SCandals are meaningless non-issues, u$c couldn’t just admit the problem and move on.  Instead, just like Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee, Stephen Miller, The Mooch, and of course, der fuehrer himself, they refuse to take any blame, and instead, concoct alternative facts to try to save face — but this misguided strategy just makes them look even more pathetic.  It was exactly the same when the sc Athletic Department denied all the accusations of rampant cheating, despite mountains of proof and file cabinets full of hard evidence.  Their arrogant denial was so egregious, that the NCAA punished them not just for the violations, but for their whole institutional attitude of above-the-law non-compliance.

Can you impeach an entire University off the face of the Earth?

In the still of deny I hear the wolf howl, honey, sniffing around your door…

"IN THE HEAT OF DENY" was published on August 24th, 2017 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. JC wrote,

    When will Trump be made an honorary trojan?

  2. Rick wrote,

    Good idea JC–a rich (by inheritance), poorly educated, arrogant, reckless blowhard who delights in the bullying of the less fortunate and never admits his mistakes seems a NATURAL for the “honor”!

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