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Kneel Diamond — The issue of the day is getting too much publicity already (so why not add more?),  and it’s all based on a misunderstanding

I hate to get political, but…

Sometimes, I don’t like something, but I still have to admit that it should not be banned.  I would PREFER it if everyone would stand for the National Anthem.  Why?  Because too many people MISINTERPRET the meaning of the kneeling.  Of course I recognize that there is severe inequality in the Country, including how justice is meted out.  And of course, I respect the right of people to peacefully protest this issue, in a way that brings attention to it.  Unfortunately, too many people see kneeling during the anthem as a slight against the flag, and against the military, and against the Country itself.

None of that is accurate.  The people kneeling do NOT dislike our servicemen and women of the armed forces, and they do not hate the flag.  They are just trying to bring attention to a long-time problem, which deserves attention.  Now that this kneeling issue has garnered so much publicity, maybe the protest can shift, away from the actual anthem, so that ignorant flag-waving jingoist patriots and closet racists will stop claiming that their flag is being attacked.  When the Dallas Cowboys knelt in unison, but then stood for the actual playing of the anthem — Maybe that can be the model for future statements, which can extinguish the false claims of anti-Americanism.

It’s okay to be against something, and still fight for people’s right to do it.  Roe vs. Wade comes to mind.  I wish a certain procedure was never necessary, but I wouldn’t want to deny someone access to it if it really was necessary.  So yeah, I wish everyone stood at attention for the anthem, but kneeling during it is not an attack on America, and when it serves a noble purpose, I accept it.  I certainly prefer it to the Futbol fans who obnoxiously BOO the Star Spangled Banner at soccer matches, and I prefer it to riots, which are also a form of protest.

Regardless, I think that this situation has been blown out of proportion into an ultra-divisive issue.  I hope the protestors can find a way to continue to get their message across without offending the overly-sensitive conservatives, and I hope the offended can realize what the message really is, so that they will be less offended, and deal with the actual, legitimate, issue at hand.  Of course, I am skeptical that in this day and age, either side will bend towards common sense.

Enough politics.  Sorry if you are put off by this discussion.  As a token of apology, here are 50 UCLA Spirit Squad photos that hopefully will please both sides, from the people lauding the late Hugh Hefner as a pioneer leading the fight against censorship and repression, to the conservatives who see him as the devil of smut, to the women who see him as a misogynist who pioneered the objectification of women and mistreated models.  See?  Even when someone dies nowadays, there are widely divergent views that cause strife amongst friends.  It is impossible to get along with everyone.

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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    My feelings exactly T-H. Can’t be said any better. What can be said for sure is in your first picture, that is the most fortunate kid in the whole world!

    Keep ’em coming. GO BRUINS! BEAT THE BUFFS!

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