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‘Niners pick up Bruin to Back up in Frisco as if covered in Crisco

Carolina’s loss is San Francisco’s Treat:  Running Back DeShaun Foster is now a member of the San Francisco Forty-Niners.  Foster will now be kicking it into Ghiradelli for an up and coming team that features Alex Smith at Quarterback.  Smith was injured last year, which is why they lost 8 straight and finished 5-11.  The year before that, and this year before Smith’s injury, the team had shown some promise.

The former Bruin Star will be the “two” in a one-two punch of Frank Gore and himself.  It’s not exactly “Lightning and Thunder,” but as DeShaun said last night, all good teams are using TWO Running Backs nowadays, so he’s got no problem being part of a tandem with the talented Hurricane.  Although Gore played in 15 games this past season, he DOES have a history of injuries, so DeShaun might INHERIT the Starting Role before the season ends.  Of course, that assumes that DeShaun stays healthy, which is by no means a safe assumption.

Foster would have been the old guy being surpassed by DeAngelo Williams in Carolina, but with a new Start in the West, maybe DeShaun will have a re-awakening of sorts.  It’s not that uncommon — Look at Curtis Martin and Tiki Barber a couple of years ago, and Stephen Davis and Fred Taylor even more recently.  Foster has a knack for finding holes, and routes to the end zone, and San Francisco may just be the best place for him to showcase his talents.