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Going once — The UCLA Spirit Squad Fundraising Auction has only 5 days left;  You can support the awesome organization and win priceless prizes by bidding now at THIS link:  UCLA Spirit Squad Auction

I’ve shared over 10,000 photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad with you, for free.  Readers of this site have been enjoying the beauty and grace of the Bruin Dance Team and Cheerleaders for over a dozen years, with not even one single pop-up ad getting in the way.  If you would like to show your appreciation, here is the perfect way:  Bid on an incredible offering in the UCLA Spirit Squad Fundraising Auction.

There over a hundred items to choose from including tickets to Bruin, Laker, and Clipper games, dinners, hotel stays, vacation resort stays, and much much more.  You can even have some of the Cheerleaders babysit for you.  You can also win the right to be a Judge for the Spirit Squad Auditions.  I have had that honor before, more than once, and it was a priceless, exhilarating experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I was SO proud of the students whom we selected!

This is different than just making a donation.  Of course I encourage that as well, but that’s if you are just such a good, generous human being.  This auction, however, allows you to support the squad while actually SAVING money!  As of this posting, there are gift certificates for food, jewelry, car washes, movies, magic shows, hotel rooms, and other things, and on many of them, the cost to bid is LESS than the literal, tangible, verifiable value of the prize!

So what do you have to lose?  Right now, you can truly get your money’s worth and then some, all while helping the Spirit Squad continue to be the elite outfit in the Nation, wearing elite outfits, and affording all the other necessities that are required to operate and excel.

The auction closes this Sunday, so please click the link above and check out all the mind-blowing opportunities!  Sunday is also when the All-Access Reception takes place on campus.  There will be opportunity drawings (raffles), great food and drinks, special guests from the Football and Basketball teams, and best of all, a chance to meet the lovely and personable members of the Spirit Squad.

Just to goose you a little, here are 48 more Cheer photos from the thoroughly satisfying dismantling of u$c on Saturday night.

I hope you love them as much as I loved taking them, and I really hope you consider joining the auction and/or attending the Reception.


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