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Splitting 10’s — Dealing a second set of picture cards today because I inexcusably underrepresented several of our brand new Cheerleaders yesterday after the Las Vegas game.  Hit me!  They deserve better treatment than that, so sit back, relax and enjoy, as I comp you some luxury suites

Lamborghinis, caviar; Dry martinis, Shangri-La!  It’s Sin City, and I sinned badly last night by not featuring ALL the new UCLA Cheerleaders.  I am fixing that right now.  Below are 50 more photos from Saturday, including Louisa, Kaitlyn, and Daphne from the Dance Team and Donyea from the Cheer Squad, none of whom got any close-ups in yesterday’s collection.  My fault.  What happened at (the) VEGAS (game) doesn’t stay there.   So here they are, starting with THE inexpicably MISSING four…

I’m still not 100% confident about all the captions.  I may be mistaking Daphne for Kendenn in some of these.  I also couldn’t be sure about some of the girls when flying hair is obstructing their faces.  And, there is an alumni girl (I think) who I’m not sure about.  Feel FREE to point out any mistakes/corrections.  I appreciate the help.  I hate shoddy “journalism.”  😀


"DOUBLING DOWN" was published on September 12th, 2016 and is listed in UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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  1. steven wrote,

    you missed the great allumni josslyn in 7 and 11

    [T-H’s Note: OMG! Thank you!!]

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