Once is not enough…

Everything’s better in pairs  (I’m talkin’ about their eyes).

Deja View:  Here’s a second glance at the bikini search that will have you seeing double

Not sure exactly what can be written in this space that will actually get read, as you fly down to the included photos, and lately, there’s not much to say.  Not happy about another Tobacco (Road) -related killing (but at least sc can’t say they lost to the eventual champs), but AM happy that Kevin Prince is showing enough to forge ahead in the Bruins’ QB battle.  That’s about it —  Now please click below to enjoy this second helping of mostly-teenaged bikini girls, in twice-as-filling double-doses.    The Queen and her Court… all won cash prizes (but don’t pay them in singles).

Hawaiian Tropic needs to get more TV commercials on the air.

What’s Love Got To Do, Got To Do With It?

#4, the trojan, may be in the Ting Steroid Lab next week, looking for some help.

Sleeping with the Enemy.

Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean (and bring your sausage).

Last pair of the night… — Keeping you abreast of all the pertinent busts, with Double Coverage, in Double Time.


One response to “DOUBLE TAKE”

  1. Robert Avatar

    #30 looks like she’s got something down there…#4, 9 and 7 should just pack their bags and call it a night.