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The Trojan-Haters Club

This site is for people who dislike u$c. Most BRUINS are Trojan-Haters, but not all Trojan-Haters are Bruins, so even though I spend so much time covering UCLA, I welcome others who hate troy, like Notre Dame fans, and fans of other Pac-12 schools.

This site was born at the start of 2003, and has never required any fees or registration, and has never had any ads, pop-up nor banner-type.

This site is owned and operated by someone who has been bleeding blue and gold since the sixties, and whose family has Bruin ties pre-dating the Westwood campus. It is the solemn belief of this site that without a grave dislike of trojans, one is NOT a TRUE Bruin. That lets Henry Bibby out. He can be considered the poster child for everything that this site stands against.

This site believes that 11-1 isn’t any better than 1-11, if the “1? is “U-know-who.”

Finally: Please don’t take this site too seriously. This site is meant as SATIRE. It is intentionally “over-the-top.”  But there are no “lies.”  Only jokes and comical, subjective opinions, all thoroughly protected by the First Amendment, so you trojan lawyers out there can stop wasting your time threatening libel lawsuits.  I am not trying to inflict emotional distress on any individual, and if anyone did complain, I would remove the offending material. They would just have to prove that they were the affected party.  No real harm is intended.

To contact me privately, e-mail:  Amazing new Spam Service allows ONLY serious queries to get through.

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